DIY Carnival Boots

b4 and after DIY Carnival Boots
I’m going to recycle my Caribana boots for Trinidad, but since I really didn’t put that much effort into them originally I decided they needed a little TLC (tender loving care).  I will take it from the top on how I crafted them.
I started with a pair of brown boots (remember previously I mentioned I buy boots in bulk at the end of each season when they go on clearance?  I play mas 5 times a year, so I need to get my boots dirt cheap.)  The dark spots on my blue boots lets you know that I did not prime the boots before painting them, the paint claimed to have a primer in it, but I see now that using a separate primer is better.  I designed a pair of boots for my friend for Trinidad and I was sure to prime hers, it makes a HUGE difference on the final paint job.
DIY carnival boots ingredients
I painted my Panama flag with fabric paint. I added Bling on a String along the seams & across the toe (Bling on a string sold by the yard at fabric stores is like $10/yard. I bought a pack of 5 yards at Michael’s Crafts for $4 and of course I used my 50% off coupon.)  Gems along the toe as well.  Lastly I added silver trim along the top of the boot. That’s it, nothing elaborate.  I put a lot more attention into the details of the boots I designed for my friend.

That's it, pretty simple... then again I am a pretty simple gyal!!! 


  1. Hi! Do you just use regular spray paint or do you have any recommendations of paint type? I want to paint some old black faux suede boots either red or purple for carnival.

    1. The spray pictured was just the cheapest I found at Home Depot. Nothing special about it, indoor/outdoor use.