Trinidad Carnival Boots DIY #2

DIY Carnival Boots
 I was asked to design some boots for the Paparazzi Carnival - Le Reve front line costume below: 

Paparazzi Carnival - Le Reve
I was given a pair of tan, fringe boots and the only request was that the fringe be removed and the boots be painted gold. Yeah she could have bought some gold boots with no fringe but... the carnival gods were smiling upon me because I actually was having a hard time finding a fringe bathing suit that I liked to wear on Carnival Monday so be prepared to see this fringe again. 

Priming and Painting the Boots (we learned our lesson last time that priming is a must!!)


2 yards of gold trim to go along the top of the boots.  3 yards of smaller gold trim to cover the seams where the fringe was removed. 
Michael’s Crafts sells a box with a millions gems for $8 and of course I used my 50% off coupon. This was pretty simple, the only hard part is waiting for the glue to dry and making sure the gems don't slip and glue in the wrong place. 

 I want to close with a pic of my studio aka my bedroom closet entry way. A friend messaged me asking me to take on another project and I sent her this pic telling her I couldn't (I'm working on 3 projects at the same dayym time).  Gotta make sure I allot enough time in my day to goof off. What is life without time to do a lot of NOTHING!!! 


  1. Wow!!!!! I can't believe you did all of that. The before and after is amazing!!!!

  2. Magna tac is a great choice for attaching gems and trim. It does not take long to dry so you can move faster.