Cruising through Florida

I’m not much of a road trip person, my dad taught me many many moons ago that trips over 4 hours should be taken by plane.   My last getaway hasn’t been since October so I was about to go crazy being cooped up in cold azz Georgia.  My car club the Yellow Mustang Registry (YMR) was doing a car show in Ocala, FL and part of that car show included a Mustang drive to Cedar Key, FL Friday morning.  So I hit the road solo very early Friday and met the crew down in Cedar Key.  I asked my fam if they wanted to come with me but they were like, “Um BOOP, backspace, delete that!”
It was a marvelous day of exploring the key with the crew and a lil solo time as well.
YMR stayed longer than the other Mustangs & cruised back by ourselves stopping for a nice Photo Op.
Friday evening we went to dinner then the yellow family played games in the hotel dining area.  My friends back in Atlanta tried to get me to play Taboo once, group games give me anxiety! I instead went to my room, cranked up Mr. Bose and drank my secret stash.  Hopefully no one holds it against me when I have my anti-social moments. 
All day Saturday was the car show at Silver Springs.  I spent most of the day with my yellow crew and a small portion off by myself exploring  the car show location.  I had a really good time.
Yellow Mustang Registry making its entrance into the car show


The YMR crew has their own traveling gnome that they call critter, he travels all over the place like lil Yellow.

Hopefully no one noticed that I went to my trunk & came back with a cup of "coffee"
Spent a some of the afternoon exploring Silver Springs on a glass bottom boat.   
Saturday evening, I departed Ocala and headed to Jacksonville, FL to party up with my homie.  Figured since I was already in Florida I might as well drive a lil further.  I hit up the liquor store as soon as I got to JAX and we had a pregame fete in the hotel.  As usual I got a noise complaint, but that’s nothing new for me, I even get those at home lol. We walked to the reggae club around the corner, so glad it was within walking distance cause we were feeling Niiiiiiiiiice!!!  Party’d till 4am and that was pretty darn good for me cause I woke up at 7am and didn’t take a nap (I usually take daily naps) .
Dei Musicale DJ'd our pregame fete
My homie spent Sunday recouping so lil Yellow and I hit the skreets  and beaches of JAX.
Headed home early Sunday evening and of course I had to stop multiple times to stay awake.  I was just not made for road trips, but I'm very glad I went. 

My cruise route

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