2013 - A Year in Carnival Review

Trinidad, Jamaica, Atlanta, Toronto, Miami carnivals in 2013
Several years ago I decided that celebrating carnival once a year is for the birds.  2013 was a good carnival year for me: Trinidad, Jamaica, Atlanta, Toronto and Miami carnivals. I did 5 carnivals  in 2012 too so I didn't break any personal records.  I ended up going home to Panama the week of Houston Caribfest otherwise  I would have hit a personal high of 6 carnivals in one year. 

Rank in order of awesomeness is pretty obvious:

(1)    Trinidad

(2)    Jamaica

(3)    Miami

(4)    Toronto

(5)    Atlanta - but don’t get me wrong Atlanta carnival is very awesome and I always decline offers to travel out of Atlanta during Memorial weekend because I can’t miss carnival. I will even be missing my family reunion next year because it’s during Atlanta carnival weekend and there is much carnival work to be done in Atlanta.
The 2014 carnival forecast is Trinidad, Jamaica, Atlanta, Barbados and Miami.  Pretty sure Ima take my daughter to Panama the week of Houston Caribfest so that’s out again. Then again she’ll be 17yrs old so I guess she could go alone if I prep her to answer the customs questions in Spanish. lol

I find it hilarious that in 2011 I told myself I was doing Trinidad carnival one time and one time only. Here I am prepping for my 4th trip to Trinidad carnival.  For those that ask why one time only… the price tag!!!  I think in 2015 I’ll go to Panama carnival instead (Panama, Trinidad, Dominica and Mardi Gras are always the same timeframe), so I don’t go frekkin crazy when everyone is flyn out and I’m staying home. For those that are thinking, “I wanna go too!!!” HAULT!!! I don’t know what they do in the capital, maybe it’s just like the carnivals you are used to. I am not from the big city, where I’m from it’s not “Bikini Mas” no beads & feathers.  It’s a traditional carnival, probably only enjoyable to those that are from there.  After working so hard on my diablo Halloween costume & doing the background research & watching Youtube videos, I look forward to spending a carnival back home. Plus my car will be paid off early 2015 so I have an excuse to travel more.  Muahahaha

I leave you guys with my long time carnival anthem and I’ll see you guys on de road in Trinidad 111 days!!!
So now when I say “Ready, Ready, Ready, Ready, Ready” you guys can chime in like my homies do and finish the sentence!

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  1. I cant wait to enjoy 2014 on d road with you my compadre!! Great illustration!!