2013 Jouvert after Jouvert after Jouvert

Casear's Army Trinidad - the jouvert of all jouverts
J'ouvert is a large street party during Carnival in the eastern Caribbean region. J'ouvert is a contraction of the French jour ouvert, or dawn/day break. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J'ouvert

I said it before and I’ll say it again. I love love love love love love love jouvert!!!  I’ve slowly been able to convince some of my non jouvert loving friends that being DUTTY is the way to be.  The thing I look forward to the most at any carnival is jouvert.  
I love jouvert so much, I do it twice during Trinidad carnival.  CAESAR'S ARMY Ambush Jouvert “the untraditional jouvert” is truly an ambush held in the early AM carnival Saturday and located in The Bush!!! I was having so much fun at AM Bush  that I didnt realize that both Bunji and Superblue were out there on the trucks until I watched my video later. I was too caught up in the madness of the moment. 
Casear's Army Trinidad carnival
Carnival Monday we did Dirty Dozen Jouvert and that was awesome as well. Dancing from 2am-6am in the streets of Port of Spain covered in paint & powder and all liquored up. Could a girl possibly ask for more???  Thinking of trying out Red Antz Jouvert 2014, then again if it aint broke... dont fix it. 

Dirty Dozen Jouvert Trinidad

Jamaica jouvert started off at Pandemonium with one of the best concerts ever. Then the paint & powder came out and my girls were like PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST!!!  I didn’t give a *BEEP*  I dwent hard in the paint by my dayyym self. 

Pandemonium Jamaica
Not truly a jouvert, but worthy of an honorable mention is Cooler Fete in Atlanta. I’m going to quote my Atlanta Carnival blog, Carnival kicks off the weekend before Memorial weekend with the Kiddie Carnival and then Cooler fete. All I can say about cooler fete is it was PURE Madness. There were so many casualties and so many “in ah mess” moments. Most of us did something regrettable that night that we shall never again speak of. I’m too embarrassed to even list any examples of what MIGHT have went down. “ Like I said, Cooler Fete isn’t a jouvert, but that didn’t stop us all from bringing power and turning it into the biggest Power Fete ever.  It was beyond fun and I was so glad that I would be able to do it again the following weekend at Atlanta carnival jouvert.
Atlanta Cooler Fete

Atlanta Carnival Jouvert The rest of the ATL girls needed a lil convincing, but they came around.  I told em to bring a rag for their hair, a rag for their face and lots of powder. Realizing they missed an awesome impromptu jouvert the weekend b4 the girls obliged and had the time of their life at Atlanta jouvert.

Atlanta Carnival Jouvert
Toronto Jab Jab jouvert is kinda scary, it’s too many people in too small of a space.  The thing I like about Toronto jouvert is the water trucks, cause I can dance in front of those things for hours. Sadly it was too cold for all of that this year.  Glad to be skipping Toronto carnival next year and heading down to Barbados that weekend instead.  Although  I hear that there are some bands in Barbados Foreday aka Jouvert were you won’t get dirty at all, and it is kinda of on the fancy side with their version of Trinidad’s “Monday wear”  yawn yawn yawn. Bring on the paint, powder, mud, wata… you can keep the oil and chocolate.  Caesar’s Army does an AMBUSH Barbados so I know I will have a mutha frekkin BLAST!!! 
Jab Jab Jouvert Toronto
There was no carnival September, but What Had Happen Was… Caesar’s Army IN:DE:PAINT:DANCE (Independence Day Beach J'ouvert) I really should be ashamed of myself for this, but I’m not.  Facebook showed me that my girl Rocky RSVP’d to the Caesar’s Army jouvert and me being a Caesar’s Army Roman, went straight to my computer to book a flight to Trinidad.  It was sooooooooooo awesome. Jouvert + Beach = My Heaven
Ceasar's Army Independence Day Jouvert
Miami Carnival Jouvert was all just a blur, but when I looked back at the pix I laughed nonstop for hours. Tears coming down my eyes asking myself, “WHAT THE BEEP are we doing?”  Miami carnival jouvert is pretty new and still has a few kinks to work out, but we all had a dayyyym good time and any complaints we might have had we were too drunk and tired to remember them. 
Miami Carnival Jouvert
7 ½ jouverts in one year!  I would call this a pretty successful year.  Next year, I predict we will be throwing our own mini jouvert fetes in the backyard now that my peeps realize how much freekin fun it is.  

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