Miami Carnival Weekend 2013

Although Miami carnival road march is my absolute least favorite of all road marches, the carnival weekend is at the top of my list. My Caribbean peeps from around the globe fly in for a week of straight bacchanal at what I like to call “The Annual Caribbean Reunion”
I was supposed to fly out Thur nite, but the anticipation got the best of me and I switched to an early afternoon flight. Stockpiled the condo with booze, relaxed then spent the evening picking up Autobots from the airport.

We had a pregame fete at the condo Thursday nite then headed off to Tribe Ignite at the new location of Solare Garden. We had a really good time although it didn't seem as insane in the membrane as previous Tribe Ignites at the old location of The Hard Rock. DJ Private Ryan was there so I was good.  We had a Day 1 casualty, but I’m not gonna name names. Maybe sharing my Puncheon wasn’t a good idea.
DJ Private Ryan & Walshy Fire
Day 2 was Rise / Shine at Virginia Key Beach and Socavivor did not disappoint. Last year we almost passed out from the heat so this year we decided to go the VIP route so we could relax in the shade. Originally we planned to go out onto the other side of the venue and link with other friends but Socavivor spoiled us with the free booze, snacks, entertainment, cool air mist and we ended up not wanting to venture into "general population" as it became called. Eventually we ventured over to the water and it became a wet fete... for me at least. Rise /Shine remains at the top of my fete list.

Friday afternoon was spent picking up costumes & jouvert packages. I think when picking a band the costume or price shouldn't be the deciding factor, the mas camp location should be. The one thing we don't have a lot of is time and mucho was time was wasted during this process, but anyway.
Another pregame fete at the condo Friday nite and it was off to Big Phatt beach party at Nikki beach. The girls had a blast. Shots shots shots, they were wine’n on every sexy man that passed by them.  My main concern was getting out onto the beach, I couldn't be that close to the beach and play in the water. So they honored my request and we went out and danced in the sand for a while. Then back inside to bump and grind. I had a good time, no complaints.
Saturday morning was jouvert and I found myself sounding like Peter Ram, "Is this a carnival or is this a bacchanal?" Pure madness to the 10th power. The video and the photos speak for themselves.  Paco called jouvert the equivalent to Monday mas in Trinidad and like I said in my Trinidad blog, I had more fun on Monday than I did on Tuesday.  I can’t wait to do jouvert next year; I think I just might come a lil earlier. 

Saturday afternoon we went to South Beach for some tasty Fat Tuesday and beach fete with Mr. Bose. We shoulda had our asses in bed resting, but feters never learn!!! 
Saturday nite pregame fete at the condo of course and then off to the Miami Nice boat ride around midnight. The first 2 hours of the boat ride were awesome. The beauty of Miami, being on the water, awesome chunes... good times. Then shit got real! Its 2:30am, we been drinking and partyn nonstop for a couple days. Everybody is mutha frekkin tired and tryn to plot an escape off the boat. I promise u if the DJ said they were gonna extend the time they would have had a full blown mutiny on their hands. It wasn’t just us feeling like this, a lot of people on the boat were like, “SET US FREE!!!”  Lesson here... no mo midnight boat rides.

Carnival was Sunday and as carnival pros we know to arrive whenever the *BEEP*  we feel like it and NOT 10am like the bands advise. 2 of my peeps were in Generation X, 2 of my peeps were in Euphoria Mas, and 3 of my other peeps designed their own costume and we comprised the band "Party Crashers Inc. (PCI)" I’m pretty sure PCI had the most fun on the road and should win band of the year.  We started the parade with Gen X, wandered around for a while and ended with Euphoria. I had a dayym good time regardless of the horrible parade route that has you doing laps around Sun Life Stadium. Booze, soca and friends equal a good time wherever.

Got like an hour power nap after carnival and it was off to Bongos for Jabba Strikes Back round 1am. I was pretty useless there. I had nothing left to give. I only stayed about 90min and then it was off to bed dammit!!! A couple of the girls stayed later and partied their lives away.  I did however eat like a champ Nom Nom Nom!!!  Some people don’t like Jabba because they say it is too packed.  I will admit the inside is Fire Hazard jammed packed, but they play reggae inside so I am very content in the large open area outside where the soca is played and there is plenty of space to dance. It has its own bars, bathrooms and seating areas so I’m good. 
Monday a couple of the peeps flew out and the others spent the first half of the day stockpiling energy.  Around 6pm we went to the Glasshouse fete back at Solare Gardens. Lesson learned here is if you are gonna party at Solare Gardens, do so at the beginning of the long weekend.  By Monday the bathrooms were like something out of a Dave Chappelle Popcopy skit.  Other than an insane fear of having to go to the bathroom, Glasshouse was a blast although I really wanted to go to Wet Fete.  The girls once again GOT IT IN.  
Popcopy bathroom
There was no last lap for us Monday nite, We had an old people fete at the condo and we were in bed nice and early like good little girls.   Well, MOST of us were in bed early like good girls. Once again NO NAMES!!! 
Most of the girls had early morning flights out Tuesday.  It was just the two Panamanians left to hold down the fete fort Tuesday. Hilariously I was supposed to leave Tuesday morning, but I wasn’t ready to leave. I changed my flight and hit the beach and then ended up missing my 2nd flight.  I just wasn’t meant to leave Miami. muahahaha keep the party going!

The beauty of Miami

Over all I wanna say that I was really impressed that the Caribbean DJs are playing more and more African chunes.  Slightly out dated chunes, but progress is progress. See you mutha socas next year!!!  MUAH!!! xoxo


  1. I am glad you had a good time! Surprised I didn't see you at Tribe.. Was good to see you on Saturday at Jouvert and I will see you again soon...

  2. I'm a little late reading this, but great review! I hope to make it out there this year!

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