DIY Purple Rain Prince Costume

Purple Rain Prince Costume

My inspiration

First step, where does one find a cheap purple jacket?  BOOM, thanks Joker costume. 

Next step was to bling it out just a tad.  Prince has silver studs on the shoulder of his jacket. I couldn’t find silver, so I had to go with gold iron ons. 

Next step was to buy a yard of lace, we know Prince LOVES lace. 

I made two arm pieces to give the impression that I had a seriously ruffly shirt on under my jacket.

Next I cut two strips of lace, one wider than the other to tie around my neck to again give the impression that I had on a seriously ruffly shirt. I actually just wore a short sleeved collared shirt under the jacket & popped my collar up.
To complete the look I added some faux leather pants (cause I can’t afford real leather), black heeled boots (Prince would probably laugh at my low heels and out dance me in higher heels). Added a lil cheap wig, a mole, a seriously sexy sideburn and mustache.  Final touch was my daughter’s Guitar Hero guitar so I could ROCK OUT!!!
DIY Prince and Apollonia

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