Trinidad Independence Day Weekend

Hmmm what can I say about Trinidad that I haven’t already said in my last 4 Trinidad blogs?!?!?
I was originally thinking about going back to Trinidad for Republic Day weekend in late September like I did last year. BUT THEN I saw my girl Rocky RSVP for Caesar’s Army Independence Day  Jouvert.   I LOVE LOVE LOVE jouvert (Caesar’s Army is the best) so I booked a last minute flight for August instead.  Rocky suggested we hit Tobago on Sunday, but sadly I booked too late in the game and all the flights were sold out. Can’t believe I still have not been to Tobago.  So that means I must go back (not during carnival) and hit up Tobago.
This was a very relaxing trip, didn’t go “hard in the paint” like on previous trips.  Anytime I’m in Trinidad we can be found every evening at our favorite bar on The Ave, it’s on the corner of Ariapita and Alfredo.  As soon as the homies picked me up from the airport, it was straight to the Ave for drinks. 

Rocky had to work Friday morning, I chillaxed on the patio and got some sun in while having a Trini liquid breakfast and a Trini liquid lunch.  I did manage to get a couple of hours of work in as well.  We hit the market Friday afternoon because my mommy sent me on a mission to bring her back pivá. I was shock to find our Panama favorite, but I was even more shocked at the price.  One bushel cost me $40, same bushel would have cost $15 in Panama.  Oh well, yummy pivá and mamones for me!
I’ve said that if I could just do jouvert the entire week leading up to carnival, I would be in heaven.  We hit The Ave Friday nite, headed home to change clothes and then hit Caesar's Army Jouvert.  It definitely gave me my pre-carnival fix, I’m just a carnival junkie waiting for my next hit.  The video really says it all, fun on a mammoth scale.  We were all a bunch of grown ass kids having too much fun for our own good!!!  Caesar’s Army was everything that I thought it would be, well worth the trip.

Caesar's Army Jouvert

There was an Independence Day parade Saturday afternoon, but we got home around noon and I was dead to the world!!!  Slept for a couple hours then hit the fancy Independence Day soiree at TnT Fire Services, then passed through a couple other Independence Day parties around Port of Spain. Even got to meet Scrunter and that was pretty AWESOME!!! 

Sunday I moved into the Hyatt for a few days of R&R.  With the help of Mr. Bose and Single Barrel, Rocky and I threw a pool party.  The pool staff was so awesome, Rocky and I managed to smash an entire bottle of Single Barrel in one day (well we did have a lil help from another thirsty guest at the pool).  I have stayed at many hotels and I’ve stayed at other Hyatt’s before but the Hyatt Regency Trinidad is top notch ish!!!  I usually stay at the Hilton, but I’m sooooo glad I choose the Hyatt this time.

Trinidad Sunset

I woke up at the crack of dawn and had breakfast on the Hyatt patio, the view was nothing less than amazing. I hit the pool around 9am cause of course the sun was in full effect but neither the pool bar nor lobby bar were open.  I went to the front desk distraught cause I was in serious need of booze.  The lady at the front desk was soooo sweet, she brought me back a tall glass of wine from the stash of booze that they give to guests checking in and that held me over until the bar opened.  *Ninja Turtle Shell Shock* After the pool bar opened, I had a new BFF for the day Keep Em Coming Sir!!! 

Best breakfast location ever

Bacardi Bathing Suit

My Hyatt Regency Trinidad BFF

Hit the town w/ Rockys lil brother

201 days till Trinidad carnival, see you soon my 2nd favorite country. But ya never know, I could be back before then *MUAH* 

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