Camo fabric flower

 “They” say that necessity is the mother of invention and I think “they” are right.  I was searching online for camo flowers for my hair cause (1) I love flowers (2) I love camo.  Couldn’t find anything so FUNK IT, I’ll make it myself.  

It’s so frekkin easy.
Went to the fabric store and bought a half a yard of camo fabric. That was more than enough, I could make about 10 flowers with that.

 1) Found some random round objects in my house and traced a template onto a paper plate. 

 2) Cut five circles of fabric.

 3) Folded the circles in half and folded in half again

4) Stitched the open/round end of the folded circles. (I recommend using a thick string)

5) After I had 5 pedals on a string, I tied the ends of the sting together (with a thick string you dont have to worry about it breaking with you pull tightly and tie.)

6)      Cut a small round piece of black felt and super glued it to the center of the flower

7)      Glued a button on the center of the flower and a clip to the back side

8)      #BOOM  #CamoAddict

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