Roller Set Frohawk

My originally intention was to roller set my hair & wear it down but I ended up with a head full of madness so I decided to frohawk it.  Below is a quick tutorial on my frohawk.

Perm Rods
Me no likey, on to Plan B
I sectioned off a portion of the front that I would bobby pin in place later

With a banana clip I mohawked the back

 Bobby pinned the front in place and had to do a lil teasing to get it all to poof up properly. 

The finished product!


  1. Well, if you ever decide to dress up as the orphan Annie, you know what style to do. Cute frohawk though.

  2. This is cute! I still have some banana combs stuck in a drawer somewhere...

  3. Very cute! I was just googling a cute style to do with my roller set, great idea :)