No more McDonald's Mighty Wings

Paco & I decided to stop at McDonalds on the way home after a night of partyn.  We were in COMPLETE shock when they told us they don’t sell Mighty Wings anymore. “Dammit ATL done ate the world’s supply of chicken wings.”  Paco decided to make an video of the encounter… he exaggerates, only about 85% of this is true.  

And below is a video Paco made based on a Facebook status of mine where I asked, “How do you tell someone that they are boring?”

Roller Set Frohawk

My originally intention was to roller set my hair & wear it down but I ended up with a head full of madness so I decided to frohawk it.  Below is a quick tutorial on my frohawk.

Perm Rods
Me no likey, on to Plan B
I sectioned off a portion of the front that I would bobby pin in place later

With a banana clip I mohawked the back

 Bobby pinned the front in place and had to do a lil teasing to get it all to poof up properly. 

The finished product!