Miami Carnival 2012

DJ Private Ryan for President

Miami carnival weekend was planned perfectly.  I read on the Trinidad Carnival Diary that there was around 85 fetes for MIA carnival *WOI*  We carefully went thru the flyers & picked the most appealing ones, this is the agenda that we ended up with. (Sadly we didn't do Jouvert, but next year... I'm there!)

Thur: Girl Power12am-4am
Fri Morn: Rise/Shine11am-3pm
Fri: Int'l Flag Nite12am-4am
Sat Morn: Vale5am-10am
Sat Nite: Scorch & Spice9pm-12am
Sun: On de Road12pm-8pm
Sun Nite: Jabba Strikes Back12am-4am
Mon: Wet Fete ???

You would think that this was a jammed packed agenda with barely enough room for sleep, but there was still time for the beach on Saturday, Fat Tuesday after being on the road Sunday and shopping on Monday.  I made a last minute decision to stay until Tuesday & caught up on some much needed rest.  Of course I have 10 thousand pix so I decided to just throw em on a slideshow & add some chunes!


I carry a spray bottle of rum (Bacardi 151 this go round) in my purse which I call ALCO-NACA & get my friends to do spray shots with me.  Paco insisted everyone do the rum version of "The V8 Taste Lab Commercial" & give their description of the taste.  Hilarious video that we promised not to put online.  BUT just know that 80 proof rum tastes like Old Shoe and 151 rum tastes like a 9V battery on your tongue.  Here are some pix of everyone doing spray shots of 9 Volt.

A couple of random pix of the fetes that we went to...
Flag Party

The line for Scorch & Spice Cooler Fete
Vale Breakfast Fete with DJ Private Ryan
Now it's the countdown to Trinidad carnival... 4 more months baby!!!