Trinidad Carnival - Monday Wear

Me & Rocky - Carnival Monday 2012
Trinidad Carnival Checklist:
Flight - Check
Lodging - Check
Band - Check
Monday wear - *panic panic* 
The million questions floating thru my head… Will my band provide Monday wear?  Will it be cute?  Will I fit it properly?  Too many questions, my safest bet is to come with Monday wear in hand.  But then the next question…  Where can I find something HOT, that’s suitable for the road, that I would never wear on an average day?!?!  I love shopping on Ebay so I started there.  What does one search when trying to find Monday wear?  My first search words came up with BLAAAAAA results then I tried “dancer aka stripper wear” as my search word *teeheehee*  JACKPOT!!!  I somehow ended up in the Belly Dancer section & that has some cute results as well.  At first this whole Monday wear search was a lil stressful, but now it’s fun scrolling thru the tons of options.  I want them all, I could change outfits every hour on the road.  ~Carnival Diva~



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  1. I have never been to Trinidad and don't know what Monday wear really is but I get the idea. That black outfit is the ish!!! I would totally get that and rock the hell out of it. Halters really help accentuate the smaller-chested chicks like myself. I think I'll do a search for that suit right now!
    Can't wait to see what outfit you find.