I ♥ Miami

September’s first trip – Back to Miami with my babe!!! I invited my daughter on a weekend get-away to Miami, THE CATCH???  You can only bring a book bag, no suitcase! Why?  Cause I found a $77 roundtrip flight on Spirit Air.  You can bring a bag on Spirit for free as long as it doesn’t exceed 16 x 14 x 12 inches.  Anything bigger & you’re looking at baggage fees starting at $30 per person, per leg.  That’s $120 for the both of us, I rather just buy new ish when we get there.  Why pay to bring the old stuff when we are just gonna go shopping anyway?
Normally I don’t mess with that airline cause I am a habitual flight misser and if you miss a flight on Spirit you are screwed, but at this price it’s worth the risk.  I was surprised how much stuff I got in that book bag, the most important things to pack was my Bose speaker aka the Port-a-Party, Falcons towel & a bathing suit.  There was no party’n so I didn’t have to worry about heels, hawtie attire, makeup, etc!  We had an awesome time, rented a Mustang convertible, she wanted to spend more time cruising than on the beach so I indulged. 
Looking like we are about to go on a hiking trip!

The beautiful view from the Marriott Biscayne Bay

I love, love, love Miami and at this price I can start going once maybe twice a month. See you next month for carnival Miami!!! But that trip is on Delta, can't risk not making carnival. 


  1. You have gotta be one of the coolest moms ever!!! Cheap flight + backpack. What a great idea!!!