Sweet, Sweet TnT

Went back to Trinidad for a couple days with my chica Rocky.  It was a holiday weekend for them so we figured we'd catch some nice fetes.  I truly hate cold weather & always manage to be sick off & on the entire Fall & Winter seasons.  Being sick isn't going to stop me from having fun, so I loaded up on lots of cold medicine & when I got to Trinidad I drank lots of rum and guess what???  I FELT Grrrrrrreat!!!
1st nite we hit The Avenue (popular strip with lots of nightlife action). We found a nice corner spot playing just the right chunes & left with some new favorite songs.  Rocky proceeded to sing Lil Rick ~ I like myself all weekend and I had Lil Rick & Benjai ~ Cyah Bother We stuck in my head.
Double M
There were way too many fetes to choose from, but we hit up the WAG (White and Gold) fete & it was a blast.  DJ Private Ryan was on duty so you know the music was SWEET!!!
DJ Private Ryan aka The Teleporter
Hit the Paparazzi morning boat ride/cooler fete,  followed by and after party at Paparazzi mas camp. I actually tried to power nap in the car in front of the mas camp, but they told me to get my ass up & fete... So that's what I did.
Rocky & Charles, my favorite Trini peeps

This nut fell in love with one of the mannequins at the Paparazzi Mas Camp
I spent our last day getting some much needed sun, sippin as much Puncheon as I could & listening to the Private Ryan Socaaerobics Mix, I dunno what the heck Rocky was doing... as you can see she still looks pale & ghostly looking *smh*

Duty free shopping when we arrived & duty free shopping when we left.  Needed treats for my bar & for my peeps back home.  The flights there & back were BEAUTIFUL, both had an entire row to ourself three of the four flights. 
My bar is looking SO beautiful with that bottle of Puncheon right in the middle. 
I think its pretty obvious by my need to climb both the mango & coconut trees that I'm a compete tomboy. 

I ♥ Miami

September’s first trip – Back to Miami with my babe!!! I invited my daughter on a weekend get-away to Miami, THE CATCH???  You can only bring a book bag, no suitcase! Why?  Cause I found a $77 roundtrip flight on Spirit Air.  You can bring a bag on Spirit for free as long as it doesn’t exceed 16 x 14 x 12 inches.  Anything bigger & you’re looking at baggage fees starting at $30 per person, per leg.  That’s $120 for the both of us, I rather just buy new ish when we get there.  Why pay to bring the old stuff when we are just gonna go shopping anyway?
Normally I don’t mess with that airline cause I am a habitual flight misser and if you miss a flight on Spirit you are screwed, but at this price it’s worth the risk.  I was surprised how much stuff I got in that book bag, the most important things to pack was my Bose speaker aka the Port-a-Party, Falcons towel & a bathing suit.  There was no party’n so I didn’t have to worry about heels, hawtie attire, makeup, etc!  We had an awesome time, rented a Mustang convertible, she wanted to spend more time cruising than on the beach so I indulged. 
Looking like we are about to go on a hiking trip!

The beautiful view from the Marriott Biscayne Bay

I love, love, love Miami and at this price I can start going once maybe twice a month. See you next month for carnival Miami!!! But that trip is on Delta, can't risk not making carnival. 

Trinidad Carnival - Monday Wear

Me & Rocky - Carnival Monday 2012
Trinidad Carnival Checklist:
Flight - Check
Lodging - Check
Band - Check
Monday wear - *panic panic* 
The million questions floating thru my head… Will my band provide Monday wear?  Will it be cute?  Will I fit it properly?  Too many questions, my safest bet is to come with Monday wear in hand.  But then the next question…  Where can I find something HOT, that’s suitable for the road, that I would never wear on an average day?!?!  I love shopping on Ebay so I started there.  What does one search when trying to find Monday wear?  My first search words came up with BLAAAAAA results then I tried “dancer aka stripper wear” as my search word *teeheehee*  JACKPOT!!!  I somehow ended up in the Belly Dancer section & that has some cute results as well.  At first this whole Monday wear search was a lil stressful, but now it’s fun scrolling thru the tons of options.  I want them all, I could change outfits every hour on the road.  ~Carnival Diva~