Caribana 2012
Caribana aka The Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival.  Another last minute decision to go to link up with my homie Charmaine.  I know I said this last year but I’m serious this time… I coming again, I bringin me friends & we playin mas!  I can’t even tell you how much dayym fun I had, I’ll just show u some pix, other things are not meant to go online!!!  By now you already know how I travel, the first stop is ALWAYS the liquor store for rum, rum, rum, rum, rum!!! 
Bar was FINISHED in 1 day, had to reup on the OverProof rum Saturday
Blaxx said, “Find yuhself inna band” so that’s exactly what we did, made our way through the parade route barricade & hijacked a band just like last year.  

Rep JA

                                                 Too much rum, fun & sun = MAN DOWN!!!

Downtown Toronto - Felt like I was in Time Square
They were randomly giving out Canadian Club whisky cola on the steet... interest stuff
Jouvert was mad, mad, mad… Best time ever and I got to see Tallpree, Benjai (FINALLY),  Bunji ,Faye Ann &Problem Child perform.  We were supposed to see them + more perform at Soca or Die Saturday nite, but please refer to the picture of the bar above when I tell you that we had tickets, but never made it into the event.   hahahaha

Had to get half way naked after jouvert & enjoy my corn soup

Flare @ Sky Bar

Sunday I was inna mess!!!  I never went to sleep Saturday nite, I didn’t fall asleep till noon ish on Sunday afternoon.  I felt & looked like SHYT!!!!  I flew home Sunday & of course I was drinking before I got on the plane.  When will I learn to not drink too much before a flight??? Maybe never!  I went into the bathroom on the plane cause I was debating whether I needed to blow chunks or not! Turbulence & a tummy full of booze don’t mix!  I looked in the mirror and noticed that I looked like the Unabomber!  I usually wake up with crazy Unabomber hair but this time it was for real.  I spent all of Sunday in Unabomber mode! 
Excuse the cheesy mirror pic, I had to capture the moment

My carnival nails were the real star of the show!!!
Now its the countdown to Miami carnival... cant wait!!!