I'm in Miami *beep*!!!

This weekend’s get away was back to my favorite location Meejami/ Hollywood /Ft Loddy Doddy! Stayed at the Westin Diplomatic & bad azz Mr. Bose almost got us kicked out on the first nite... Actually we just got "a warning" to turn dat ish down… #Nerds!!!  Scratch that hotel off my list of possible places to stay during Miami carnival in October.

Saturday we hit up South Beach for a new eye for my stickman *Bling Bling*!!! After leaving the emergency room aka Redemption Tattoo we went to my beloved Fat Tuesday bay-bay! I cant travel to a city that has a Fat Tuesday and not get a Amaretto Pineapple!! Yum yum yum. Then forward march to get the Port-a-Party started on the beach. Although I know how to swim, I don't really swim much. I prefer to chillax on my blanket with my Bose & my booze!
New Bling!
My homie isn't really of fan of going to the beach but he indulged my request.  He looked like he'd rather be watching basketball reruns or porn or summin.  Then again, it was really hot when we got there. Regardless, I had a frekkin blast... the funny sh*t you see on S. Beach!!! 
After being there for a while we see the family next to us gathered around a love seat on the beach. Where this chair came from I dunno, but they got an awesome family portrait in it lolol
Miami carnival soon come so I happened to be there on a weekend of a band launch. That means soca soca & more soca!!!  I even got some flyers for Miami carnival fetes. Time to get my mind for Carnival Season. Should probably think about getting back in the gym soon too!
Fun Generation
Sunday had a deelish Trini home cooked meal at another homies casa. Then we all went to the pool & beach at the hotel.  We had a Port-a-Party on the beach and then at the hotel pool.  I was surprised that the hotel staff didnt come running to tell us to turn the chunes down, I guess cause the pool was pretty much empty.  So a good time was had with drinks in hand & our favorite chunes playing.  No party'n Sunday nite :-( It was off to bed early cause I had an early flight Monday morning.

I love having so many peeps that are spontaneous too, never a dull moment.  Up, Up & Away... until the next adventure!!! 

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  1. I love all the pics! Oh this must be getting serious. *wink*