Houston Caribfest 2012

July’s trip was to Houston for their Caribfest.  It’s a smaller carnival like Jacksonville, Charlotte, etc and just like those I had a darn good time.  My dawg Double M aka Michelle joined me for the weekend excursion.  She and I both have familia in Houston so we got to see our fam, party hardy & get a lil carnival action in… can’t beat that. 

First thing we did after landing in Houston (after stopping for rum of course) was go see my cuz Fredo at Tapout Tattoo for a lil touch up.  Chelle & Fredo then made a fake tattoo to freak out Chelle’s boo & make him think that she might have lost her marbles. 
They could not stop laughin, this was their best "serious" face
Friday night was Jouvert and that was a very crazy experience.  The cops blocked off the route to Jouvert because they said there was too many people.  My cousin took an alternate route but it was crazy too and we LITERALLY had to park 2 (TWO) MILES away & walked to Jouvert! Chelle & I were so amped up, we didn’t care.  One of my cousins almost quit on me until I handed him some rum & then he ended up leading the long walk.  There had to be atleast 7 billion trillion people in the event.  Grenada & their usual wotless-ness was freaking everyone out with their oil & fire.  I’m surprised no one caught on fire!
The 2 mile hike to Jouvert!

FLAMES from the Grenada Jab Jab pose

This is why you dont wear open toe shoes to Jouvert, WHAT WERE WE THINKIN?
Saturday I woke up in PAIN and was like, “Why does my body hurt so?  OH YES, I walked FOUR miles and jumped up in de mud like a mad oooman!!”  My dawg Chelle hooked me up tho, she made a bomb azz lunch, she brought her new Bose speaker so we blasted some soca & had a mini fete in our hotel while we got our lives together.    

Early Saturday evening we met up with some more of my cousins & proceeded to drink for the next 12 hours!  We walked into a bar and immediately demanded shots, shots, shots, the bartender was even kind enough to give us some “House on the shots” as drunken Chelle called it!!! 
Saturday evening we went to Soca Xtreme, I told Chelle that I wanted her to take a pic with someone, but I didn’t tell her who. *LMAO @ the look on her face* I just happen to LOVE dis dude so I was extra hyped up! It was a great show Iwer, Kerwin, Otis, Tallpree, Lyrikal and some other artists that we couldn’t hang on long enough to see *around 4am it went downhill*.  Grenada & Dominica were in there deep.  I was also shocked at the amount of Panamanians there & Panama actually got several shout outs on the mic.  I’m use to Panama only get one quick shout out.  


Sunday we went thru the Caribfest with my cousins & Chelle’s cuz CJ.  Sadly the liquor stores do not open on Sunday in Houston and Chelle and I smashed our gallon of rum in about 24 hours so we had to get creative.  Chelle, CJ & I drank about 40 thousand lil bottles of Moscato.  When I went in the gas station to get more, I asked CJ what he wanted to drink (I dunno, maybe he would prefer a Heineken or summin) he tells me, “Get me whatever!”  So that’s exactly what I got him, a 40 oz of WHATEVER!  The look on his face was priceless, he wasn’t paying attention when I handed him the bottle, but said that all of a sudden he felt like he was holding a baby! Chelle was in tears laughin at him just confused as to why the hell he is holding a 40oz of Old E!!!   

We had a party in the car during the long ride to IAH airport.  Reminded me of the Party Bus ride in Jamaica.  Sad that the party had to end, but we were soooo tired.  We both fell asleep in the airport.  Landed in ATL around 11pm & went straight to bed… Zzzzzz  Ready to start planning my next get away!  



  1. LMAO @ Michelle's face in the picture!! And the 40oz of WHATEVER!! LOL U always have a blast, ur the life of the party!!

  2. I'm so happy to have a friend like you to live vicariously through! LOL

  3. Hey, I'm a fellow carnival blogger,I just came upon your profile when you left a comment in karabana.blogspot.ca (Toronto carnival Blog) My wife and I just came back from Panama and had a time. I read your Houstan post and I'm really impressed, I didn't realize their carnival was large ( we have to put it on our list of places to hit) We have only been to Austin as far as Texas goes. Toronto Carnival is very big, probably on a similar scale to Brooklyn. If you ever make it up to Toronto for carnival and need some advice, there is lots of info on the blog and we'll answer any questions
    Laters, I like your blog

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