Bacardi Birthday Party

My twin aka Paco & I decided to throw a Bacardi Party for my 35th birthday because if you know me you know that I HEART Bacardi, its my alcohol of choice, I rarely drink anything else.  My bestie Suze & her hubby Jabari offered their house.  Baker extraordinaire Karin aka crafted an amazing & super tasty Facundo bottle cake (cause you know Facundo is my imaginary boyfriend).  Meeka Michelle aka Double M, Rocky, my mommy & I worked on all the yummy food. Paco helped create my vision of a Bacardi photo booth & he handled photography at the booth.  My dawg Andrea came thru with killer Jello Shots. Basically it takes a village to throw an awesome Bacardi party.  Thank you to everyone that came thru with a bottle & party'd their nite away with me, hope you all enjoyed your Bacardi  party favors.
The Birthday Party invite that a few people obviously didnt watch cause they showed up with non-Bacardi bottles in their hand #Boooo  Luckily I was nice & didnt ask them to leave. lol *my favorite part of the video is Facundo telling everyone to Drink Responsibly (in spanish)*

Facundo birthday cake courtesy of

Go me, it's my birthday! We gon' party like it's my birthday. We gon' sip Bacardi like it's my birthday!!

Alter egos were set free in the Bacardi Photo Booth

Bacardi got some Oliver Twist love

There were a few culprits that brought non-Bacardi alcohol to the Bacardi party... NO BUENO & Side Eye. This is a BACARDI PARTY people!!!

                                                         Dance, Dance, Dance!!!

Cheers to the frekkin weekend

This is probably half of the bottles that walked in the door. 

I became a corn soup-aholic after my 1st visit to Trinidad & have been craving it ever since.
Shout out to my homie Rocky for making corn soup for the Bacardi Party, its a must after a good fete!!! The birthday girl got a GIANORMIS to go bowl, I've been eating corn soup non stop since the party. nom nom nom

The rest of the birthday weekend went off without fanfare.  Saturday afternoon Paco & I met Andrea for Bacardi & Coke at my favorite restaraunt that just so happens to let you keep your Bacardi mugs.   


  1. Bless up and many more my friend!

  2. I hate that I missed the party!! Looks like it was a blast, and if I hear one more thing about corn soup!! I need to get my hands on that soup!! lol

  3. LOL.. Awwwwwwwwwww @ having cake & ice cream with the family at midnight.. *hearts*

  4. Sounds like an awesome birthday weekend to me!! Happy Birthday Chica! Bummed I missed the Bacardi Party... but glad it turned out so awesome!