Wedding of the Century

My dawg, my ace, my ninjette Suze got married in Jamaica and asked me, YES crazy a$$ me to be a bridesmaid.  Hot Mess Angela Panama walking down the aisle, “Who woulda thunk it?”  The wedding was so beautiful it makes me rethink my dream of a Viva Las Vegas ~ Elvis Wedding… naw that’s still whats real in my skreets! 
The wedding was beyond amazing & I was able to keep my hot-mess-ed-ness to a minimum. 
The trip was a great weekend with our closest friends partying like Soca Stars, but I’ll talk about that madness in a later blog.  I dedicate this blog to sharing with the world “The Wedding of the Century.”  The wedding was short and very sweet, with no dull moments.  Complete with champagne toasts, shots, fist pumps & a killer photo shoot. Then it was onto the reception & dinner.

The walk & dance into the reception was a tricky one.  Keep in mind most of us had been drinking since around 10am.  My "groomsdude" was tryn to do Too Much and I was too tipsy for "All a dat"  so we had a half dance/laugh/clash out there.  As you see from the pix we were drinking at the ceremony & immediately after.


When the groom threw the garter belt the guys were bob & weaving, dropping to the ground, doing the matrix trying to avoid it.  When the bride threw the bouquet it was pretty much the same.  Luckily some love birds ended up with both & the rest of us are free to carry on as Single Soca Stars!!!

No garter belt for these dudes

The bouquet actually hit the grown cause everyone was tryin to steer cleer of it.

Guess what people?  Love is Real!!!  Suze always thinks I'm being sarcastic when I say that to her but I find it fascinating when two people actually enjoy each other’s company like they do.  Since I'm sure by now you are really sad that you were not able to make it, I shall leave you with a quick video from the event.

Shots of over proof rum at the Wedding Reception
Here is a link to the blog about the rest of the crazy weekend


  1. looks like everyone had a blast! Exactly how a wedding should be! Love destination weddings!! and you're right, I am really sad I wasn't there *wipes tear*