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I'm not going to act like I'm the world's biggest sports fan cause I'm far from it, I just 1) I love the A-Team  2) I love the energy of sporting events, 3) Drink drink drinks & 4) Stadium food is deeeeeeelish. 

My bro Paco & I got our seat assignment for the Falcons 2012-2013 season & we are 7 rows lower than last year.  That means that I can finally catch some prizes cause last year we were right under the 200 section. This year no one is above us. Can you say HOODY HOO?!?!?!  Feels like football season cant come fast enough, but I've been entertaining myself with the other A-team sports!

Went to support the Hawks with my chicas. Got to go on the court, meet Dominique Wilkins, go in the tunnel & see the players FLY BY.  I got an awesome picture with Joe Johnson’s head.  I saw this gianormis head bouncing up and down from all the way across the arena & I told my friends, “I must find that head & take a picture with it.”  I shall cherish it always… Thanks Joe!

My homie Dudley invited me to the Braves game, havent been to one of those in YEARS!!!  Oh how I use to adore the Braves when Andruw Jones played for them.  Apparently they have All You Can Eat Seats on the club level and its unlimited meals, snacks & beers!  I dont remember how much he said they normally sell for but I drank 5 beers, had a hot dog, a chicken sammich, & some popcorn.  And we had pretty good seats with the option of moving in the shade if we wanted to.   Excuse the bootleg-ed-ness of our fan photo below but they charge $29.99 to get the JPG, I like the right-click-save option better! #Winning  *chants* I'm #1, I'm #1, I'm #1!!!

Now it’s just 3 ½ months until the 1st Falcons Preseason game.  The offseason is so boring, no way to entertain myself other than show up random places like Waffle House, Miami, Hawaii & the Bahamas in my Falcons gear!  GO FALCONS!!!

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