Happy Nappiversary

May 2012; May 2011; May 2010
My hair just celebrated her two year Nappiversary yesterday.  How time flies!!!  I shall never forget the day I cut my hair.  May 1, 2010 I was watching President Obama speak on TV at my brother Paco's graduation from Michigan's B-School.  Tears of joy in my eyes like when he graduated from West Point USMA, so proud of my twin.  I was feeling really inspired at that moment, so I grabbed the scissors and did something I had been wanting to do for YEARS!!!  When I had a perm I almost never wore my hair straight.  I dunno why I even had a perm,  I'm just not a fan of straight hair. The new-do was received nicely by some and not received well at all by others.  My ex told me that I looked like I was going thru a bad breakup & my mom said I looked like a Jamaican drug addict.  But if you know me you already know what I think about people and their opinions ♫♫ You just do you, Ima do me!!! ♫♫ (my mommy excluded).  But now to all the naysayers I'm singing Chris Brown's ♪♪ Look at me now. OH, look at me now. YEAH, fresh than a muthaf*cker ♪♪♪ #BOOM

The day I cut my hair, I showed up at a friends babyshower and no one even recognized me.  They all said Hi!! and kept it moving, then came back like, "OH SH*T Panama, didnt even realize that was you."   
Day 1 hair
I'm thinking about straightening my hair for my birthday next month, so she can get a decent hair cut.  I do trim the ends when its curly, but I cant really tell if Im cutting enough split ends.  I wish I had some hair secrets to share but I dont.  I dont wrap my hair at nite like I should.  I dont avoid products with sulfate.  I take enough medication for other reasons that I dont want to take any hair & nails vitamins.  My diet is pretty radical, I rarely drink water.  I do however use natural oils & avoid heat.  Sorry, dats allz I got!  My friend Suze had created a Fotki for me track my hair journey, but I dont update it.  #MyBad

I shall end with a link to a blog with great hair info http://www.nikstarwashere.com/ 


  1. A Jamaican drug addict?! I think I just died. Congrats Girly.

  2. Happy Nappiversary!!! You are one of my hair idols! Look at how roles change. haha We must celebrate this weekend. :^D