Atlanta Carnival 2012

Atlanta Carnival 2012 - Madd Colors
Pretty sure the pix speak for themselves; we had a dayyym good time. Not feeling overly motivated this year, we all took a time out from costumes and played in the t-shirt section with Madd Colors. 

Everyone is Tiyad!!!

2012 was the best Flag Party ever ever ever. It’s like the intro fete to the weekend of nonstop carnival madness.  The venue was massive so you are not piled on top of other, the drinks were strong,  the DJs were Funky Fresh, and they had food because drunk people turn into Hungry Hostages.  Couldn’t have asked for anything more.
Atlanta Carnival 2012 - Flag Party


Looking rough as sh*t Friday afternoon from partyn too hard at Flag Party the nite before.  But that wont stop me from collecting Bacardi glasses at the bar with the homie Amber. 

Pregame fete at the house and then off to see Machel Montano.  Cant believe I took NO pix of the show.  That means I was either drunk as a skunk or too busy dancing my life away??? 

Carnival Saturday at our favorite spot Thrive with my favorite DJ, DJ Crown Prince.  
Atlanta Carnival 2012 - DJ Crown Prince

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