Jamaica ~ No Problem

Jamaica - No Problem... heard that ALOT along with WAH GWAN!!!  So down in Jamaica it was a group of long time friends which = a sh*t load of fun.  We stayed at the Riu All-Inclusive Resort for my bestie Suze's wedding.  At first I thought the rates at the resort were kinda high, but I left feeling like we owed them a lot more $$$. 

Each room had a mini bar & alcohol dispenser  & we smashed em DAILY! Michelle killed the Red Stripe stash in her fridge daily cause she couldn’t figure out how to operate the alcohol dispenser.  I’m not gonna lie, I broke my dispenser at first cause I couldn’t figure out how to operate it, but my thirst inspired me to figure dat ish out.   I asked for the bar to be restocked on Day 2 and I got the “crazy eye” from housekeeping.  Like REALLY?  You smashed all that in one day? I quickly blamed it on Raquel :-/

There were a few times we forgot we were there for a wedding, we were “Getting it in” at the crack of dawn.  I had Mr. Bose with me almost at all times so every moment was a Port-A-Party!!  On the day of the wedding we were even stalling to go get dressed.  The bride called my room to make sure I wasn’t late and I answered the phone intoxicated, laughing, music blasting in the background & I accidentally dropped the phone so she got a VEXED! *Bridezilla time* Lololol  Sorry dawg, we've been drAnkin all day. 

Everytime you turn around someone is walking towards you with a bunch of drinks in their hand and then we all start singing RUM RUM RUM RUM RUM!!!

This video right hurr is a lil bit of Day 1, but mainly Day 2 and the struggle between wanting to enjoy booze'n on the beach in Jamaica and getting to our rooms to get ready for the wedding.  The bridesmaids were on the beach PUSHIN EM BACK!  Like my mom always says about me & my friends, "We like to chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug!"

At night when the pool was supposed to be closed the resort was kind enough to keep the drinks flowing.  They told Michelle the next day that the pool normally closes at 8pm for cleaning and they ask guests who go for a nite swim to exit the pool. But they couldn’t resist the fun of our Port-A-Party and they kindly let us do our thing that weekend, blast our music, laugh extra loud like hyenas & drink our hearts out.

On our last day we got the party started round 9am.  Mr. Bose playing the good chunes & us sitting at the bar pushing em back just cause!  When we got on the bus to the airport the driver let us crank up our music cause he said it was much better than his. Mr. Bose was in full effect, we even brought alcohol from our room. Let the Port-A-Party begin!!! 

Bad Idea!!!

The other passengers just had to be quiet & let us do our thing!

Here is a short video of the party I hosted on the airport bus.  We completley took over most of the bus, the other passengers just huddled in the front trying to ignore us!

This my friends is what happens when you have too much fun on the bus back to the airport, you end up a hot mess on and off the bus. 

My favorite souvenir for my loved ones at home RUM RUM RUM RUM RUM!!! 

This is really sad to say, but this was my first trip to Jamaica.  I still feel like I've never been to Jamaica cause we stayed at the resort & I didnt get to explore.  So I'll be back Jamaica... hopefully soon!!!

Here is a link to the wedding blog http://www.angelapanama.com/2012/05/wedding-of-century.html

Atlanta Carnival 2012

Atlanta Carnival 2012 - Madd Colors
Pretty sure the pix speak for themselves; we had a dayyym good time. Not feeling overly motivated this year, we all took a time out from costumes and played in the t-shirt section with Madd Colors. 

Everyone is Tiyad!!!

2012 was the best Flag Party ever ever ever. It’s like the intro fete to the weekend of nonstop carnival madness.  The venue was massive so you are not piled on top of other, the drinks were strong,  the DJs were Funky Fresh, and they had food because drunk people turn into Hungry Hostages.  Couldn’t have asked for anything more.
Atlanta Carnival 2012 - Flag Party


Looking rough as sh*t Friday afternoon from partyn too hard at Flag Party the nite before.  But that wont stop me from collecting Bacardi glasses at the bar with the homie Amber. 

Pregame fete at the house and then off to see Machel Montano.  Cant believe I took NO pix of the show.  That means I was either drunk as a skunk or too busy dancing my life away??? 

Carnival Saturday at our favorite spot Thrive with my favorite DJ, DJ Crown Prince.  
Atlanta Carnival 2012 - DJ Crown Prince