Life is so unfair

It's really unfair that we have to slave the beautiful day away inside stuffy buildings.  Then when we get paid for our pain & suffering, we have to hand over that $$$ for foolishness like electricity, shelter, transportation and then guess whats left for good stuff like rum, travel, party'n & sparkly clothes... NADA, NOTHING, ZERO!!!  It's like we are endentured servants.  I hate bills, they are such  I'm irriated cause I looked at my bank account this morning & it said, "Beeotch you iz broke!"

Then someone comes over & starts rambling on & on about God knows what. I wandered away mentally & started day dreaming about unicorns & rainbows & flowers.  I'm more of a listener than a talker, but I still prefer the "Long story SHORT" version!  THEY say that Less is More but here is my take on that...  Less isn't more, less is less.  Less might be appreciated more than more, but it's still less.  Soooooo just be less ok!!!  Sorry, I'm also iritated that I can't be outside chillaxin at the park so I dont wanna partake in any metaphorism.  Is metaphorism actually a word? I dunno but Ima roll with it.  I have a theory that if there are no words that convey the feeling you want to express, it's more than ok to make up a new one *wink*  Here is my take on people that love to tell other people "That's not a word!" 

Random Know It All:  "Hey that's not a word!"
Me:  SO!!!

I should be studying for my Final Exam 2nite but what am I doing instead??  Being bi-polar online!!!  I'm off to get my life together *wish me luck* 


  1. I agree with everything in this article!!! Bills suck and being stuck inside on nice days suck even more!!!! But, at least you have a window!

  2. Just thought I'd let you know....we are all servants to somebody!! :(. I may not have a job, but I'm a servant to two midgets and the dude who is covering my bills. Such is life. *sigh*