Bacardi Inspired Art

Anyone who knows me knows that I heart Bacardi and I lovingly refer to it as Facundo.  For a while several people thought Facundo was a real person that I was dating & they were anxious to meet him.  Eventually Facundo did become a real person thanks to my twin (aka Paco)'s animated Panama Soundwave series.  Facundo is a lil spooky at times in the video’s but he is still my cool a$$ side kick!!! 

Anywho, Im not like a top notch artist or anything like that, but I enjoy painting in my bootleg art studio aka my bathroom or the entry way to my apartment (that’s where the lighting is the best).  What better thing to paint than the item/person that makes me the happiest... FACUNDO!!!   

Bacardi goes Warhol
After seeing my 1st Bacardi painting a friend commissioned me to paint an Appleton rum painting.  I did feel like I was cheating on Facundo, but it’s not like we are in an exclusive relationship or anything. 
I've been working on this forever & I'm still not finished.  Not as fun to paint as Bacardi
When I love something, everybody knows it and before they know it they start to love it too.  I suppose I'm an unpaid Bacardi employee, like that dude with the stapler in the movie Office Space.  He got fired but still kept going to work & wondered why he didnt get paid.
My twin & I are planning a Bacardi Party to celebrate my 11th Annual 25th birthday the 1st weekend of June, everyone from around the globe be sure to fly into Atlanta to celebrate with Paco, Facundo & I.

Paco will remake the invite video w/ instructions for the Bacardi Party


  1. You are soo right, I'm starting to develop a fondness for Bacardi spiked wine....they really need to start paying you fa real!! LOL

    I'll be there for the celebration...can't wait! :)

  2. Okay...I'll have to send a bottle of Appleton for you to get it right.