Some more pondering

I wonder?  At what age will I wear mom jeans?  I bought a pair once when I was chaperoning my daughters 5th grade class at the Georgia Aquarium.  I dunno why, I was feeling real “mom like” and thought it would be appropriate.  I’ve chaperoned trips before & after and never felt the need to wear mom jeans those times.  I’m just real EXTRA sometimes, get a lil TOO into character I suppose.  It’s just weird shopping in the same section as your child for jeans; we actually own 2 of the same pair of jeans.  Thank goodness we don’t wear the same size clothes cause she already wears all my sneakers.  PS: I wouldn’t chaperone any more trips with or without mom jeans now that she is in high school.  Those kids are TALL, they might jack me up for telln them to SIT DOWN!!! 
I wonder at what age I will start to wear creases in my jeans?  Someone told me I don’t dress like a 34 yr old.  Guess if I start wearing mom jeans with creases I will look the part.  Lolol but then my peeps might all disown me.  It’s all good cause I’m still 25 in my mind. 
I often wonder, am I the only one with “stiches that itches” I had a laparoscopic surgery about 7 yrs ago and the stiches randomly itch like crazy.  On the other hand I had a caesarian when I had my daughter and those stiches never itch. 
I discovered today what the WORSE FEELING IN THE WORLD IS… eating something and then realizing that it's expired.  You start to feel real queasy, but you dunno if you’re queasy cause the food is slowly poisoning you to death or if it’s all in your mind "The placebo effect”
I would like to note that all this pondering started because I was made aware that today is National Goof-off day via Bacardi’s FB page.  My coworkers musta known too cause they all started dip’n out early.  So I then decided to spend the rest of the afternoon listening to the Tron Legacy score/soundtrack (I was watching that when I went home for lunch). Lolol  The sound track had me wish’n I had some glowsticks to dance with and then it was like hmmmmmmmmmm I wonder...

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