Very brief rant

Ima start off by saying, I don’t feel like conversing, I wanna conversate.   I find it humorous how often people complain about other people using the word conversate, BUT they don’t care about every other “non standard English” word that even they use themselves.   Do you feel smarter than a 5th grader now? (Side Note: I heard someone tell someone else, "Conversate ain't even a word!"  and in my mind I'm thinking, "Sooooo does this sentence equal a double negative or summin?")

 *Whew* now that I got that off my chest, lets chat…

I brought my lunch today and I was ready to eat it as soon as I got to work. This is why I don’t bring my lunch, I shoulda just went home for lunch instead.  Cause if I eat it in the morning,  I'll be hungry  from 1pm-5pm.  But the most irritating part of this scenario is how I had to bring it.  I have a million tupperware containers and no lids. WTF happen to all the lids?  Are they hiding out with all my missing socks???  FYI, if I ever come to ur crib and you are one of those people that make everyone take off their shoes, I might just leave cause there is a 50/50 chance that I have on mismatch socks!!!  Sometimes I do it on purpose… sometimes I do it by necessity! 

I’ve got grey hairs all over my head… I’m not really vexed out that.  What I am vexed about is this ONE grey in the front that no matter how I comb, brush, twist, part, etc my hair he ALWAYS just does his own dayyym thing.   I’m always so tempted to pluck him out, but they (the infamous they) say that when you pull a grey hair out, 15 grow in its place in retaliation.  So I decided to name him Chuck & embrace him!

Summin summin in a bucket… f*ck it!!! 

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