Trinidad Carnival 2012 Survivor

Trinidad carnival 2012 was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life.  I really find it hard to put into words what an amazing trip this was.  Although I was in Trinidad for carnival last year & it was awesome, this year was off the frekkin richter scale.   It was non-stop fun, fun, fun. Even when I was just chillaxin, I was having outta this world FUN!!!  Trinidad is not for the weary, everyone always says that they are going, but I really suggest doing some smaller carnivals first. 
So here is my recap: Depart Atlanta Wed at 9am EST, layover in Miami where we hit it up the bar & get the party started at noon. Land in Trinidad 7pm GMT, go home & change & are at the S.O.S. fete by 9pm & party the nite away. 
Getting it in at the S.O.S. Fete only a couple hours after landing in Trinidad
Wake up the next morning & make our way to downtown Port of Spain to get our carnival costumes,  haul a$$ back home to get changed & get to the Hyatt for our Maxi (shuttle) to the C’est La Vie fete.  Had drinks at the Hyatt & then took a lil nappy nap on the long maxi ride to the fete.  The party went from the afternoon to the evening, I put in a fulls days work on the dance floor and at the bar.  I was exhausted at the end of that fete.  
C’est La Vie best fete location ever

She throw wine on me so I throw wine on she!!!
Then on the way home we were all nice & tipsy & had a fete in the maxi during the hour ride home.  We all look rough as sh*t so you KNOW we had a dayym good time.  

The next day we had some Carib's (Trini beer) with the neighbors across the street while they worked on their sound system then it was off to the Frenzy Boat Ride in the afternoon.  We did this boat ride last year & I loved it, then again I just love boat rides lolol 

After the boat ride it was a quick change of clothes then a fete called House Party which was like a big a$$ block party in the nite. Afterwards we made our way over to Girl Power, but sadly it ended early b4 Machel could even perform .  :-( Machel arrived there after winning Soca Monarch and it was all cheers from the crowd.  Everyone hung out & chatted till sunrise.  
House Party
Girl Power

Machel arriving after winning Soca Monarch
Got home round 7am, took a nap & headed to the Eclipze fete in the afternoon. Eclipze  was along the water at Pier 1 and the backdrop was amazing.  After that it was straight to the Ultimate fete till late evening.  Went home & slept for about 3 hours then it was off to the Shades breakfast fete till noonish.  Don’t ask me what day it is cause by now I am deep in the matrix.  My body is awake (thanks 5 hour energy), but my brain is FRIED!!! 

                                                   Eclipze & The Ultimate Fete 

Shades breakfast fete

This is where I threw up the white flag, I was supposed to go to a fete that nite with Rocky, but instead I just had drinks on the beautiful patio of the Hilton with my other homie.  I tried to catch up on sleep but we were right next to the Savannah and that wasn’t happening with the loud a$$ festivities going on during the day, the cool yet really long fireworks show that nite, then the Jouvert trucks driving past starting at 2am.   I couldn't do jouvert because I had to make my way to Rocky'z place to get my costume *frown face*

Brain dead zombie

Ok so by now it’s time for Monday mas, I was dead mid-day. Lack of sleep, the BLAZIN sun, partyn non-stop for 5 days… I abandoned the band & mid day & went to take a nap.  Sorry Rocky *BIG HUG* I spent almost none of Sunday or Monday with her, but I’m sure she forgives me & won’t put me on the carnival loser list.  Woke up round 5pm and my other homie & I hit The Avenue. It took us like an hour to find it, but then again we did stop to eat, drink Puncheon & dance with random trucks that were still going strong.  When we did find the Avenue, I was in heaven.  It was all the fun of playin mas during the day minus the BLAZIN SUN!!!  When I hear Machel Montano ~ The Avenue now all I can do it smile & daydream!!    

Monday Mas
I got a late start carnival Tuesday, Rocky was on the road by 7:30am, but I am SO not a morning person and I didn’t make it down there till 9am ish.  By 1pm I was sittin on a bench looking like a homeless Indian, debating whether I needed an ambulance or not.  It took me about 1 ½ hrs to get my life together, but eventually I did & got back on de road w/ the band & went we went strong till carnival was over.   I’m officially a carnival survivorAs I walked back to the hotel I stopped at Queen’s Park to see the bands still crossing the stage, but I fell asleep leaning on the fence.  Made it to the hotel restaurant & ordered some chicken wings & proceeded to fall asleep on the couch while waiting for my food.  I got to the room and crashed on the entryway floor and fell asleep with a half-eaten chicken wing in my hand.  I woke up a lil later, ate a couple wings & got in the shower.  I fell asleep on the floor of the shower for who knows how long, the water started getting cold & woke me up.  After that I ate like 1 more wing and it was a wrap, I was GONE!!! 

Rocky Red Bird & Soundwave Wind Song
I’m dead tired, but you see I'm still drinking

Rocky & Charles

Charles actually got me to do the 6:30.  I was having so much fun I didnt care about being Wotless

Wednesday was a peaceful day of eatting real food again, hanging out in airports, sleeping on planes & recap’n on the awesomeness that is Carnival!!!  I went straight back to work Thursday and that was pretty pointless cause I was a mindless zombie craving more soca!!!  In 2011 a few of us said, “Ok we are gonna go this year & THIS IS IT… NO MORE.”  We said the same thing in 2012, but as soon as we got back we were all singing “I Coming Again.”  I promise 2013 is my last year!!!
In 2013 I def must do Jouvert again, especially since I wasn't on the road much Monday anyway.  I luv luv luv Jouvert!  

When you see the flags on the nails, u know its Ca'nival Time!

Here is the insane "carnival virgin" story of Trinidad carnival 2011 if your bored & want more!!!


  1. Too Funny and too much fun Panama. I get to get to one of these!


  2. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Looks like so much fun. But going by how you said your schedule went, I KNOW....I ain't ready!! lol

  4. LMAO at the falling asleep everywhere! LOL. That's why I have to pace myself. I have to sleep cause ain't no way I'm missing j'ouvert and stay out for Monday mas til the cows come home. Tuesday is fun with the costumes and whatnot, but I need to relax and throw waist on Monday...anything that gets in the way of that has gotta go!

  5. I would have been down for the count after the first day. Now I see why you say do smaller carnivals first. Looks like so much fun though.


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