On the road again

Great idea, Ima put white socks on my windshield wipers too!!!
I have alot of fun on the road by myself, there are some very entertaining things & people out there.  Like when I pass those people holding a "We Buy Gold" sign and they are dancing tryin to get your attention.  I just think to myself, "They have the best job ever, I wish I could dance with the "We Buy Gold" sign all day long.

Other times I get really angry on the road, for instance. I HATE TRAFFIC it upsets me.  I live 4 miles from my job (3 1/2 songs transit time), but sometimes it takes me like 30 minutes to get home.  One of the reasons is that my route is a busy 4 lane road with no turning lanes.  When someone needs to make a left they hold up traffic forever!!!  Why cant they just make a bunch of rights until they are in the direction that they need to be going???  *uuggghh*

Anywho, I was at the gas station last nite & this is what the person b4 me paid for gas. I really wanted to take a peak at the surveillance camera to see WTF they were driving?  I hope its worth it. I miss those days were you could pay for gas AFTER you finished pumping.  I would surely fill'er up & haul a$$  

Something that I REALLY enjoy when on the road is how my navigation f*cks up all the street names when giving me directions. Each time I’m compelled to reply, “That’s not how you say that dummy!”  Maybe that’s why she f*cks with me and sends me on stupid routes to nowhere sometimes.  I bet one of these days she is gonna reply with "F*CK YOU!"

I love love love when I’m behind a ramp truck on the highway, it makes me wanna pull a Dukes of Hazard / Nightrider move and fly over the truck into the back of an eighteen wheeler and escape the fuzz.   It takes me back to the days of spending countless hours building & running tracks on Nintendo Excitebike!!!

Lastly, one of the things I really hate on the road is these trucks that have pipes & ish stick'n out of them.  Im always scared they are gonna pull a Final Destination move & fly out & stab me in the neck.  Or those 18 wheelers that have a bunch of cars on them.  I know the cars are gonna start falling off & attack me... maybe I'm just paranoid!!! 

I have so many more awesome adventures on the road, but I think I shall stop right hurrrr!!


  1. Just what this dreary day needed...musings from Girly! They always make me smile. Thanks for sharing :-) I too am scared when I'm behind trucks with poles and etc sticking from them. However, I'd never thought of driving up ramps and pulling a Dukes of Hazard/Nightrider move but surely now that you've planted the idea it will creep in my brain the next time I see one.

  2. I think the same thing about those trucks with things sticking out of them. I don't think we'd be normal if we didn't think like that after watching that FD movie.
    And for the record.. change your GPS voice to British... she's hot.

  3. Lmao! My GPS is a Jamaican man that cusses me out when I take a wrong turn "what type ah idiot business this???!!"