That sad feeling

This morning my status was about that sad feeling you get when you realize that a basketball game you promised to take your kid to cost 3x more than you expected. I could buy 11 bottles of rum with that $$$ instead.  Last nite I tweeted about that sad feeling you get when the ebay item you ordered arrives and you dont like it.  I coulda bought 2 bottles of rum instead. I see I've had alot of sad feeling lately. I feel like sharing more, ready to be sad with me?

That sad feeling when the alarm goes off right before the most KICK A$$ part of a Kick A$$ dream is about to happen.

That sad feeling when you need to take a toll route but you have no $$$, so you either need to take the long way or stop at an ATM.

That sad feeling when a flight you booked goes on sale a few days after you booked it. I coulda bought a bottle of rum with that $$$.

That sad feeling when accept that you can't have something that you really want and you start singing Kenny Rogers ~ The Gambler "You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em. Know when to walk away, know when to run."

That sad feeling when you realize you left something in your car and its WAY too cold to go back outside.

That sad feeling when you toast some bread, then you realize you dont have any butter.

That sad feeling when you're taking a LONG hot shower & then the water starts to get colder & colder.

That sad feeling when you get to work & you realize that they want you to do actual WORK & you're like uuuugggghhh Im trying to write about sad feelings.

... gotta go


  1. LMFAOOOOOOOO!! Know what I got outta all that?? Rum cures everything!!!!!!!! LOL! Imma check around and see if I can get you a deal on those tix!!

  2. Thanks for making me laugh!!! But I feel ya on da tix.. I was gonna take the kid to a Lakers game once.. til I found out how much it cost. He doesn't even like games that much... I know he's gonna get bored... Tell ya what kid, we can sit at home and you can watch what ever you want on TV and I'll drink some rum with that money, sound good?? =)

  3. Agreed! I feel sad every time I get to the end of a bottle of liquor. Or when I have to choose to go to the grocery store instead of the liquor store because payday isn't till next week. My friend has season tix but can't make any of them because of a new job. They're floor tix pricey. I can still ask if you want.