New Year Straight Hair

I’ve never been a fan of straight hair, even when I had a perm I rarely wore my hair straight. I just don’t like it, I think it makes my head look big lol.  I chopped all my permed hair off in May of 2010 and haven’t had to worry about straight hair since.  For the New Year I decided to make my first attempt at straightening my hair.  My daughter loves wearing her hair straight, so I take her to the Dominicans all the time, but I HATE salons.  I’ve always done my own hair, it was therapeutic.  When I had a perm I could rollerset my hair into a new style every night.   After I chopped my all hair off I found therapy in painting my nails instead cause like I said I hate salons.  So I reopened my hair salon at took a stab at going straight minus the insane amount of heat that they use in real salons.

The BEFORE uncombed hair

Since my hair is kinda short I put it into four ponytails & roller set the ends

Rollers removed & my hair almost instantly wanted to start curling back up

No time to deal with the hair that morning, into a ponytail she went until the afternoon
Went over it with my daughters CHI on low heat

Realized that I dont cut my ends nearly as often as I need to, they were a mess

A layered hair cut that Im diggin

Didnt want to apply any more heat so I keep it in rollers when Im at home chillaxin
It was hard resisting the temptation of washing my hair after an evening out on the town, but I was determined to wear this for at least 5 days. I’m sure it will be another year or two before I straighten it again, although it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.  It was great practice and I just might stop taking my daughter to the Dominicans.  Although like many women, she seems to enjoy "The Feel" of going to the salon. 
Mini Me gettn jazzy


  1. So your hair curly but straight hair looks pretty darn good too, I can't believe you did it yourself...fabulosity!!! :)

  2. You did a great job! I've decided this year not to straighten my hair at all this year except to trim!

  3. Muy Bonita Chica!!! I've decided to flat iron quarterly...special occasions only. The ceramic irons tend to permanently straighten hair. I think ima switch back to the Gold n Hot metal plated iron. The heat isn't as drastic and doesn't permanently straighten.

  4. Thanks ladies! Oh how I would cry if I wet my hair and it didnt "fro up" I would promptly chop it all back off!!!

  5. No, stick with ceramic. It heats more evenly and is better for the hair cuticle. Just use a lower temp. The regular Gold N Hot appliances are cheap, and thus don't get as hot as the pricier ceramic brands. Thats why it may seem they arent as damaging, but really that metal will probably cause more split ends. Any heat appliance can temporarily or even permanently loosen the natural curl. You just have find the right temp of heat that doesn't cause that to your hair. It's different for everyone.