More Cheetah Nails

If you take a long look at my nails you can see that they are kinda sloppy, but anyone that is that close to my nails for that long will probably end up getting shanked.  They look a-ok to me so I didn’t bother fixing them!!! 
I couldn’t decide if I liked the thin black tips or thicker ones so I just went with both.  If you ever see my hands in person, you will notice that many times the left hand does not correspond with the right and I’m ok with that too.  Sometimes by the time I get to the other hand, I’ve changed my mind as to what my vision is…  I say, “Just Go With It!!!”
The cheetah print is one of my favorites, aside from the camo and the black & yellow.  I like the cheetah cause it looks awesome no matter what combination of colors you use. 
Alot of times I paint my nails with the intention of JUST wearing a nail polish & no design, but then my hand looks so sad & I want it to be happy :-)
Started off with just some black tips, but then decided that wasnt fun enough so I went back to my faithful cheetah print
I liked a thinner tip on the right hand & added some white centers
Here are some other colors that I've used

Pink Panther Nails

 Cheetara from the thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats

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