2012 Communication Goal

I did my performance evaluation at work 2 weeks ago and the one area of improvement my boss said I needed was Communication.  “I would like her to be more assertive on her own ideas & suggestions.  When she does speak up, her ideas or solutions to problems are often excellent.”  I can write my heart out all day every day, but when it comes to vocalizing my thoughts… pain, pressure, trauma, agony.  I can write my boss an email saying that we need to do this, this & this to resolve that, that & that problem.  But if we were in a meeting and I was asked to speak on my ideas *Cricket Cricket*   Talking, uugghh I just don’t like it!!!  Although there are a select few that somehow I’m magically able to have long conversations with #dunno

Many moons ago I had a job as a paper pusher that I really enjoyed.  The software trainer at that job abruptly left and I was tricked into replacing her.  I initially agreed to teach the classes until they found a replacement, but then the boss claimed to not like anyone she interviewed & asked me to stay on as the trainer.  The pay increase was great, but having to talk to people all day everyday * uugghh*  that’s when I learned a valuable life lesson, “MONEY DOES NOT EQUAL HAPPINESS.”    One day outta nowhere I handed in a letter of resignation, moved to Atlanta and have been a happy paper pusher ever since. 

I dedicate 2012 to working on my communication.  I’m going to actually CALL PEOPLE this year.  If you know me, you know it would normally be a cold day in hell before you see my name/number on your incoming call list or before I accept your incoming call!!!  Although money doesn’t equal happiness, it sure will help me accomplish some of my easier 2012 goals like taking my daughter on more trips or building a bigger nest egg, etc.  No longer shall communication be a barrier between me & greatness.

Here is an article I wrote for FLAIMAHMY last year on setting smart goals if you need helping making your resolutions happen!

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  1. What do these pictures have to do with the post???

    I find it interesting that was something noted as something you need to improve upon... Especially given your strong written communication skills...

    Good luck with this! I thought about setting a goal this year, but then decided *Funk DAT 'ish! I don't do goals!* Although, my boss will give me some in March... UGH!