A day in the life of Panama Soundwave

The real Panama Soundwave, Paco & Facundo
A day in the life of Panama Soundwave aka Girly Girl aka Angela Panama.  The funniest part of all of these video's is that 80% was taken from real convo between me & my peeps on Facebook.  But I would like to point out that I am not as mean as I am portrayed in the videos.  I will admit that I have a wicked mean streak, but for the most part I am a sweetheart *smirk & wink*

That sad feeling

This morning my status was about that sad feeling you get when you realize that a basketball game you promised to take your kid to cost 3x more than you expected. I could buy 11 bottles of rum with that $$$ instead.  Last nite I tweeted about that sad feeling you get when the ebay item you ordered arrives and you dont like it.  I coulda bought 2 bottles of rum instead. I see I've had alot of sad feeling lately. I feel like sharing more, ready to be sad with me?

That sad feeling when the alarm goes off right before the most KICK A$$ part of a Kick A$$ dream is about to happen.

That sad feeling when you need to take a toll route but you have no $$$, so you either need to take the long way or stop at an ATM.

That sad feeling when a flight you booked goes on sale a few days after you booked it. I coulda bought a bottle of rum with that $$$.

That sad feeling when accept that you can't have something that you really want and you start singing Kenny Rogers ~ The Gambler "You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em. Know when to walk away, know when to run."

That sad feeling when you realize you left something in your car and its WAY too cold to go back outside.

That sad feeling when you toast some bread, then you realize you dont have any butter.

That sad feeling when you're taking a LONG hot shower & then the water starts to get colder & colder.

That sad feeling when you get to work & you realize that they want you to do actual WORK & you're like uuuugggghhh Im trying to write about sad feelings.

... gotta go

Chillaxin in di Bahamas


My homie Amber hit me up and was like, "Lets take the kids to The Bahamas (Nassau)!!!"  to know me is to know I'm game for almost anything (scary things like haunted houses, scary movies, etc excluded).  It was awesome, she handled all the logistics. I love trips like that, just like my upcoming trip to Trinidad with my homie Raquel... just tell me how much to pay, when to pay it and when/where to show up. 
Cali gyals
By far, the best part of the trip was our boating excursion to the Exumas islands & cays.  50 min speed boat ride from Nassau to Allan’s Cay to feed iguanas.  The kids were feeding iguanas grapes on a stick., those lil things came from everywhere to get themselves some grapes. 
See all those lil black spots?  Those are sharks & sting rays... uhhhh
We spent the rest of the afternoon on Ship Channel Cay.  Open bar all day long, they won my heart with that! They wrangled sharks & we got to feed sting rays. BTW I’m convinced that a string ray tried to bite my finger off even though they claim Sting Ray don’t have teeth.  Some of the group went snorkeling, but after seeing all those sting rays and sharks I decided to Chiiiiiiillll!!!  I didnt wanna end up on a Vacation Disaster show, instead I climbed rocks in a bikini & with a rum runner in my hand!!! LMFAO  The lunch they had was amazing, I rarely eat fish, but I went back for 2nds. After that I got the itis and took a long juicy nap on the beach.  Followed by a walk in the bush where the guide gave us all shots of Bacardi (my favorite). If you are ever in the Bahamas, you should look these guys up. 

My daughter & I took a took a tour of the Nassau.  We got to see The Queen’s staircase (below).  Built by slaves & named to honor Queen Victoria who helped in the abolition of slavery in the Bahamas.  A few feet away was Fort Fincastle which overlooks the city.
Went to the famous Straw Market for souvenirs for our friends & family
All four of us went to the Pirates of Nassau Museum (which ended up being a mild haunted house).  Some of the rooms were completely dark & others were just plain spooky.  I’m not gonna say I’m SCARED of the dark, but I’m just not too fond of it.  So the kids and I all coward behind Amber.

After 3 days of asking, my daughter convinced me to rent a scooter.  Driving on the left side of the road, while wearing a dress was NO BUENO!!!  I really am one scary MOFO, I can't believe I did it... the things we do to make our loved ones happy!!!  I think I said the Lords Prayer in my head the entire time.  I might have even sang the chorus to Kanye West ~ Jesus Walks a few times as well.  Its amazing how certain situations make us Ultra Religious!!!  Even though we rented it for a few hours, I took it back after 1 1/2 hours cause I was on the verge of having a heart attack. 

I brought my Bose speaker with me so we had a soca party on the beach a couple of nites.  I'm lost without my chunes!!!

Because I tend to go CRAZY with the camera I had WAY too many pix to post, so instead I made a nice likkle video for your viewing pleasure!

So easily distracted

I'm on a roll with all the old sh*t I came across!!!  Many moons ago (2006) I worked for the Real Estate division of Gap Inc.  This is back when the economy was still Hot Like Fyah.  We'd have to go to the company headquarters in San Francisco so they could lecture us on lease, lease, lease'n more properties!!! I find it funny that below were my notes from a training session & they look JUST like my notes from school at nite.  When I get sleepy I start to scribble nonsense in an effort to try and stay awake, but it doesnt work cause my hand is moving, but my mind is gooooone! 

28 yr old me

I promise I DONT write this sloppy when I'm coherent!
I guess its fair to say I probably didnt learn sh*t at these training sessions, although I did enjoy my trips to San Francisco!!  Its a good thing I dont work there anymore!  The cool chic from the New York real estate office would come to the training sessions too and we would sit by ourselves so I didnt distract anyone around me with my "writing"

My crew, My dawgs!!!

Came across a stash of pix from about 5 years ago and (1) it melts my heart to see that Im still friends with all these crazy chicas (2) it confirms that alcohol is a preservative cause everyone looks exactly the same.  Its hilarious that I gained a bunch of weight in between this time frame & then lost most of it. Others had a baby or two & lost the baby weight... Guess Im officially 29 again & they are back to being whatever age the were 5 years ago!!!

Summer Bunnies

Cali homie in the house!!! 

*That wig*
My 29th birthday
Girls in Bikini's Day

When I 1st met them I dubbed them "The Greenbriar Crew" lol

So Hard To Say Goodbye

It’s so hard to say good bye to yesterday. Do you know why?  Cause yesterday has your cell phone, home phone, work phone, work cell, personal email, work email, Blackberry Messenger, Google Messenger, Yahoo  Messenger, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, FaceTime, WHATEVER info!!!  There is no escape from people that you no longer want to interact with. 
We all have folks that we are better off NOT knowing.  As fun as they are to be around, they are just liabilities waiting to happen.
I use to change my number all the time & just disappear, but now it’s pretty pointless. Cause they can still find me & yell at me for trying to fall outta touch.  
 “It’s not you, it’s me!!!”  … does that line work in real life?

2012 Communication Goal

I did my performance evaluation at work 2 weeks ago and the one area of improvement my boss said I needed was Communication.  “I would like her to be more assertive on her own ideas & suggestions.  When she does speak up, her ideas or solutions to problems are often excellent.”  I can write my heart out all day every day, but when it comes to vocalizing my thoughts… pain, pressure, trauma, agony.  I can write my boss an email saying that we need to do this, this & this to resolve that, that & that problem.  But if we were in a meeting and I was asked to speak on my ideas *Cricket Cricket*   Talking, uugghh I just don’t like it!!!  Although there are a select few that somehow I’m magically able to have long conversations with #dunno

Many moons ago I had a job as a paper pusher that I really enjoyed.  The software trainer at that job abruptly left and I was tricked into replacing her.  I initially agreed to teach the classes until they found a replacement, but then the boss claimed to not like anyone she interviewed & asked me to stay on as the trainer.  The pay increase was great, but having to talk to people all day everyday * uugghh*  that’s when I learned a valuable life lesson, “MONEY DOES NOT EQUAL HAPPINESS.”    One day outta nowhere I handed in a letter of resignation, moved to Atlanta and have been a happy paper pusher ever since. 

I dedicate 2012 to working on my communication.  I’m going to actually CALL PEOPLE this year.  If you know me, you know it would normally be a cold day in hell before you see my name/number on your incoming call list or before I accept your incoming call!!!  Although money doesn’t equal happiness, it sure will help me accomplish some of my easier 2012 goals like taking my daughter on more trips or building a bigger nest egg, etc.  No longer shall communication be a barrier between me & greatness.

Here is an article I wrote for FLAIMAHMY last year on setting smart goals if you need helping making your resolutions happen!

More Cheetah Nails

If you take a long look at my nails you can see that they are kinda sloppy, but anyone that is that close to my nails for that long will probably end up getting shanked.  They look a-ok to me so I didn’t bother fixing them!!! 
I couldn’t decide if I liked the thin black tips or thicker ones so I just went with both.  If you ever see my hands in person, you will notice that many times the left hand does not correspond with the right and I’m ok with that too.  Sometimes by the time I get to the other hand, I’ve changed my mind as to what my vision is…  I say, “Just Go With It!!!”
The cheetah print is one of my favorites, aside from the camo and the black & yellow.  I like the cheetah cause it looks awesome no matter what combination of colors you use. 
Alot of times I paint my nails with the intention of JUST wearing a nail polish & no design, but then my hand looks so sad & I want it to be happy :-)
Started off with just some black tips, but then decided that wasnt fun enough so I went back to my faithful cheetah print
I liked a thinner tip on the right hand & added some white centers
Here are some other colors that I've used

Pink Panther Nails

 Cheetara from the thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats


New Year Straight Hair

I’ve never been a fan of straight hair, even when I had a perm I rarely wore my hair straight. I just don’t like it, I think it makes my head look big lol.  I chopped all my permed hair off in May of 2010 and haven’t had to worry about straight hair since.  For the New Year I decided to make my first attempt at straightening my hair.  My daughter loves wearing her hair straight, so I take her to the Dominicans all the time, but I HATE salons.  I’ve always done my own hair, it was therapeutic.  When I had a perm I could rollerset my hair into a new style every night.   After I chopped my all hair off I found therapy in painting my nails instead cause like I said I hate salons.  So I reopened my hair salon at took a stab at going straight minus the insane amount of heat that they use in real salons.

The BEFORE uncombed hair

Since my hair is kinda short I put it into four ponytails & roller set the ends

Rollers removed & my hair almost instantly wanted to start curling back up

No time to deal with the hair that morning, into a ponytail she went until the afternoon
Went over it with my daughters CHI on low heat

Realized that I dont cut my ends nearly as often as I need to, they were a mess

A layered hair cut that Im diggin

Didnt want to apply any more heat so I keep it in rollers when Im at home chillaxin
It was hard resisting the temptation of washing my hair after an evening out on the town, but I was determined to wear this for at least 5 days. I’m sure it will be another year or two before I straighten it again, although it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.  It was great practice and I just might stop taking my daughter to the Dominicans.  Although like many women, she seems to enjoy "The Feel" of going to the salon. 
Mini Me gettn jazzy