No more McDonald's Mighty Wings

Paco & I decided to stop at McDonalds on the way home after a night of partyn.  We were in COMPLETE shock when they told us they don’t sell Mighty Wings anymore. “Dammit ATL done ate the world’s supply of chicken wings.”  Paco decided to make an video of the encounter… he exaggerates, only about 85% of this is true.  

And below is a video Paco made based on a Facebook status of mine where I asked, “How do you tell someone that they are boring?”

Roller Set Frohawk

My originally intention was to roller set my hair & wear it down but I ended up with a head full of madness so I decided to frohawk it.  Below is a quick tutorial on my frohawk.

Perm Rods
Me no likey, on to Plan B
I sectioned off a portion of the front that I would bobby pin in place later

With a banana clip I mohawked the back

 Bobby pinned the front in place and had to do a lil teasing to get it all to poof up properly. 

The finished product!

Miami Carnival 2012

DJ Private Ryan for President

Miami carnival weekend was planned perfectly.  I read on the Trinidad Carnival Diary that there was around 85 fetes for MIA carnival *WOI*  We carefully went thru the flyers & picked the most appealing ones, this is the agenda that we ended up with. (Sadly we didn't do Jouvert, but next year... I'm there!)

Thur: Girl Power12am-4am
Fri Morn: Rise/Shine11am-3pm
Fri: Int'l Flag Nite12am-4am
Sat Morn: Vale5am-10am
Sat Nite: Scorch & Spice9pm-12am
Sun: On de Road12pm-8pm
Sun Nite: Jabba Strikes Back12am-4am
Mon: Wet Fete ???

You would think that this was a jammed packed agenda with barely enough room for sleep, but there was still time for the beach on Saturday, Fat Tuesday after being on the road Sunday and shopping on Monday.  I made a last minute decision to stay until Tuesday & caught up on some much needed rest.  Of course I have 10 thousand pix so I decided to just throw em on a slideshow & add some chunes!


I carry a spray bottle of rum (Bacardi 151 this go round) in my purse which I call ALCO-NACA & get my friends to do spray shots with me.  Paco insisted everyone do the rum version of "The V8 Taste Lab Commercial" & give their description of the taste.  Hilarious video that we promised not to put online.  BUT just know that 80 proof rum tastes like Old Shoe and 151 rum tastes like a 9V battery on your tongue.  Here are some pix of everyone doing spray shots of 9 Volt.

A couple of random pix of the fetes that we went to...
Flag Party

The line for Scorch & Spice Cooler Fete
Vale Breakfast Fete with DJ Private Ryan
Now it's the countdown to Trinidad carnival... 4 more months baby!!! 

Sweet, Sweet TnT

Went back to Trinidad for a couple days with my chica Rocky.  It was a holiday weekend for them so we figured we'd catch some nice fetes.  I truly hate cold weather & always manage to be sick off & on the entire Fall & Winter seasons.  Being sick isn't going to stop me from having fun, so I loaded up on lots of cold medicine & when I got to Trinidad I drank lots of rum and guess what???  I FELT Grrrrrrreat!!!
1st nite we hit The Avenue (popular strip with lots of nightlife action). We found a nice corner spot playing just the right chunes & left with some new favorite songs.  Rocky proceeded to sing Lil Rick ~ I like myself all weekend and I had Lil Rick & Benjai ~ Cyah Bother We stuck in my head.
Double M
There were way too many fetes to choose from, but we hit up the WAG (White and Gold) fete & it was a blast.  DJ Private Ryan was on duty so you know the music was SWEET!!!
DJ Private Ryan aka The Teleporter
Hit the Paparazzi morning boat ride/cooler fete,  followed by and after party at Paparazzi mas camp. I actually tried to power nap in the car in front of the mas camp, but they told me to get my ass up & fete... So that's what I did.
Rocky & Charles, my favorite Trini peeps

This nut fell in love with one of the mannequins at the Paparazzi Mas Camp
I spent our last day getting some much needed sun, sippin as much Puncheon as I could & listening to the Private Ryan Socaaerobics Mix, I dunno what the heck Rocky was doing... as you can see she still looks pale & ghostly looking *smh*

Duty free shopping when we arrived & duty free shopping when we left.  Needed treats for my bar & for my peeps back home.  The flights there & back were BEAUTIFUL, both had an entire row to ourself three of the four flights. 
My bar is looking SO beautiful with that bottle of Puncheon right in the middle. 
I think its pretty obvious by my need to climb both the mango & coconut trees that I'm a compete tomboy. 

I ♥ Miami

September’s first trip – Back to Miami with my babe!!! I invited my daughter on a weekend get-away to Miami, THE CATCH???  You can only bring a book bag, no suitcase! Why?  Cause I found a $77 roundtrip flight on Spirit Air.  You can bring a bag on Spirit for free as long as it doesn’t exceed 16 x 14 x 12 inches.  Anything bigger & you’re looking at baggage fees starting at $30 per person, per leg.  That’s $120 for the both of us, I rather just buy new ish when we get there.  Why pay to bring the old stuff when we are just gonna go shopping anyway?
Normally I don’t mess with that airline cause I am a habitual flight misser and if you miss a flight on Spirit you are screwed, but at this price it’s worth the risk.  I was surprised how much stuff I got in that book bag, the most important things to pack was my Bose speaker aka the Port-a-Party, Falcons towel & a bathing suit.  There was no party’n so I didn’t have to worry about heels, hawtie attire, makeup, etc!  We had an awesome time, rented a Mustang convertible, she wanted to spend more time cruising than on the beach so I indulged. 
Looking like we are about to go on a hiking trip!

The beautiful view from the Marriott Biscayne Bay

I love, love, love Miami and at this price I can start going once maybe twice a month. See you next month for carnival Miami!!! But that trip is on Delta, can't risk not making carnival.