3rd Annual Sexy Santa Crawl

I wasnt able to attend the 19th Annual Atlanta Santa Pub Crawl :-( honestly my only half a$$ excuse is that I spent the afternoon at the bar of Lenox Grill watching the Army vs Navy football game, while I set my daughter & niece free in the mall to handle my Christmas shopping. Followed by a long juicy nap, then a jam packed evening of birthday partys, late nite Soca Fete's and ending with a sleepless nite of Waffle House indulgence.  

BUT I did have my 3rd Annual Sexy Santa Crawl with my chicas and it ROCKED as usual.  Any excuse to dress up & get crazy... we are game!!!  You really should join us next year, it is far too much fun to not share with the world!!!  I made a video montage of the awesome evening, hope you enjoy!!!

I feel its only fitting to end with this statement

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  1. Dang I can't believe I missed it...I'm there for sure next year, y'all wore me out the night prior!!! :)