3rd Annual Sexy Santa Crawl

I wasnt able to attend the 19th Annual Atlanta Santa Pub Crawl :-( honestly my only half a$$ excuse is that I spent the afternoon at the bar of Lenox Grill watching the Army vs Navy football game, while I set my daughter & niece free in the mall to handle my Christmas shopping. Followed by a long juicy nap, then a jam packed evening of birthday partys, late nite Soca Fete's and ending with a sleepless nite of Waffle House indulgence.  

BUT I did have my 3rd Annual Sexy Santa Crawl with my chicas and it ROCKED as usual.  Any excuse to dress up & get crazy... we are game!!!  You really should join us next year, it is far too much fun to not share with the world!!!  I made a video montage of the awesome evening, hope you enjoy!!!

I feel its only fitting to end with this statement

Adventures of Panama Soundwave

When I was younger, I aspired to be a writer for Saturday Night Live. That never happened, but I do feel like Im living in a Saturday Night Live skit all the time.  Some ppl have told me that I should have a reality show, being funny and being funny on demand are two different things...  I cant be funny on demand.  If you were to put me on a reality show, it would just be me & the camera staring at each other and probably a lil drool coming outta my mouth.  I do captuure alot of my insane moments via my blog, youtube page or just random Facebook posts.  My brother Paco decided that he would draft some scripts based on these insane moments which he dubbed "The Adventures of Panama Soundwave"  Panama Soundwave being one of my many alias'z, cant just be throwing ur government name around everywhere