Rasta Nails aka Ethiopia flag

Nail designs are sooooo easy!  You just need to have the artistic vision to see the designs one layer at a time and not try to jump to the final product.  The designs aren't perfect but if anyone is THAT close to my nail they probably deserve to be shanked which if you know me YOU KNOW I am quick to shank a mofo!!!

Remember to start with a clear base coat.  As with any design I do, Q-tips and polish remover are my friend.  Paint at an angle to the best of your ability and clean the rest of it up with a Q-tip & polish remover  Or if you prefer no angle just draw straight lines. 

Same thing with 2nd color
Add final color, top coat, then clean up the cuticles and around ur nail


  1. i already tryed it and it came out so cool! its awesome (: Rastaaaa!! :D