Panama Flag Nails

As I prep for yet another carnival I decided to share my Panamanian nails since I already did Jamaica.  As is the case with every other nail design I do, it  looks complicated but it is insanely easy and if you funk up, just erase & start over.

You need a base coat, top coat, red, white & blue polish and A LOT of Q-tips

Paint one little square, then clean up the edges with your q-tip & polish remover

Paint another little square, then clean up the edges with your q-tip & polish remover

I think you get the point by now

You can buy nail jewelry from the beauty supply store & glue stars to ur nails, but those snag in my hair so I prefer to paint bootleg stars (plus these stars don’t fall off a couple days later)

 PS:  Dont forget to clean up your cuticles with nail polish remover (even tho u can clearly tell that I didnt. lol)

If you wanna rock some Jamaica flags on the other hand like I am, here is the link to my Jamaica Flags tutorial


  1. I am so insanely excited that you did this!!

    You hardly see anything Panamanian!! Thank you!!

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