FLUX ~ art + experimentation

This was a very interesting concept "art + experimentation"  there was alot of beautiful photo & art galleries and alot of WIERD ish that I didnt even feel cool photographing.  But we had a blast walking around from section to section while enjoying our cocktails.  Maybe one day I will have some of my paintings or photography on display.


Soulphistication | Occasional Superstar

Mime - like street performers

Huge wooden animals out & about during the exhibit

Looks MUCH better than my Bob Marley painting

Creepy mannequin

The hippies lounge'n

Im now a Flux Artist!

A biker gang we saw b4 Flux

Chillin on the wrong side of the tracks

I dont even know?!?!

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  1. Well there is always something weird in something good. But you must keep them aside and look over the good side and things and enjoy them. Good to see the beautiful art pieces.