Halloween Thru The Years

Tryn to get our minds right for Halloween.  It falls on a Monday so technically we could celebrate early on the weekend of 22nd and "wierd people out" like we always do then celebrate Thur, Oct 27th - Mon, Oct 31st.  When I first moved to ATL back in 2003 no one I met celebrated Halloween WTF?!?  Then I met these rag-tag bunch of misfits and its been history ever since...

Salt, Pep & Spin

In costume @ Six Flags

Cleo, Hooters Hottie, Vamptres, & Harry Potter

Wotless oooman having a baby on the dance floor

Mo money, Mo money, Mo money

Lil Mike

Partyn with George Bush & the harajuku girls

Disney Princess'z

Belly Dancers

Evil Kenevil


My favorite costume ~ NINJA


Belly Dancers & Flava Flav

Jackin cupid for her $$$


Burnt out crime fighter #1

Burnt out crime fighter #2


  1. *dead* at rag tag misfits.. LOL! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww... we love you too!! LOL

  2. I guess I will get the spirit this year