Falcons vs Eagles

God bless America and the Falcons
The energy level in the dome was INSANE in the MEMBRANE... a church choir, Samuel L. Jackson, a 50+ ppl dance squad, motorcycles, a big a$$ waffle house, twirl'n waffle umbrella's, my daughter & I making it onto the jumbotron, MizRockie making the jumbotron, etc... truly a memorable game! And that win *OH SO BEAUTIFUL!!!*

CRAZY packed house

... and his couch!!!
(side note: when NOT playn the Falcons Vick is cool w/ us)

My daughter & I had our 5 seconds of fame on the jumbotron
They defended the dome

Knucklehead Eagles fans

The Falcons snuggie lady had something to say

Normally its my daughter steal'n my shoes, but I needed her Jordans for good luck
LOL @ Julio Jones favorite restaurant being Waffle House

Nothing ever comes to our section :-(


  1. LOLOL... Julio countrier than a muh'fugga... LOLOL! Yeah, it was a damn good game!! The crowd stayed till the end!!!! *thumbs up* You didn't get a pic of me on the jumbotron?? *side eye* I was too busy trying to look cute!! LOLOLOL!

  2. I saw MizRockie on the screen smirk'n and lookn all nonchalant and I just *panic panic'd* I KNOW HER EVERYBODY!!!