Caribana ~ Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto

What can I say... I LOVE CARNIVAL!!!  I like to play mas in the bigger carnivals, but I had no idea I was going to Caribana until about 1 week prior so no time to find a band.  I was actually suppose to be in Charlotte, NC that weekend for their carnival.  But if I do Caribana next year, Im definitely gwan jump with the Jab Jab band, they looked like they had the most fun.  Like Christina Aguilera and Redman said, "If you ain't dirrty, you aint here to parrrrrrty"
Luv di Jab Jab

Rock Out snitches

Miss No Behavior


We were SUPPOSE to stay on the other side of the fence & watch the parade from the sidelines... WHATEVER!!

We hijacked a band and chip'd down di road with them

Worky Worky

Apparently singing into ur water bottle is No Bueno

I like to Move it, Move It
We dun

JOUVERT - My good camera goes NOWHERE near water so I had to bring out the low-res water camera


151 Rum Punch was renamed Caribana Punch for the weekend
 Couldnt go to Canada and not visit Niagara Falls, had to get into "Tourist Mode"


  1. LMFAOOOOOOOOOO!!! Looks like y'all had fun!!!!! Niiccceeeeeeee....

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