Game Day Attire ~ Go Falcons!!!

My new favorite hobby is cutting t-shirts and turning them into tank tops, halter tops or just cute, non neck choking shirts.  I decided not to do too much chop'n with this one since I wanted to wear it to work, alot of Falcons fans at the job & we like to show our team spirit. 

The AFTER shirt that should be in the ladies section
The b4 tshirt from the lil boys section

A lil shoulder action maybe? (probably NOT)
Random Falcons colors and a half a$$ attempt at a football nail
See you guys at the Dome for some pre-gaming in the parking lot aka tailgating.



  1. I love ittttttttttttttttttt!!!!! LOL

  2. I like the shoulder action! Funny because the shirt I'm wearing today has been cut. I looked at all my Falcons shirts this morning when I was picking one and thought I needed someone to make them look cute. Looks like I'll be dropping them all off at your house!