Trinidad Carnival 2011

*WHOOPS*  I never posted Trinidad pix, my bad !!! My first trip to Trinidad, actually my first trip out of the US for a loooooooooong time.  I couldn’t find my previous passport & I really didn’t even know where to start to get my proof of citizenship & yada yada yada!!!  Anyway, Day fete, night fete, middle of the nite fete, breakfast fete. Like Iwer George said,  "fete after fete after fete after fete"

We flew out of Atlanta on Thursday morning & I was so hating on everyone else that left Wednesday morning *tear tear* We went to Tribe Ignite Thursday nite and I got to see Kes perform (and he ended up winning Soca Monarch later) and that was pretty awesome.

Tribe Ignite

Friday we went on the Frenzy Boat Ride.  I was glued to the rail admiring the views.  Oh how the landscape reminds me of Panama & made me homesick.  It was tooo much fun… I love boat rides!!!
This moment reminded me of Panama and I emailed my dad in Panama right then & there
Frenzy Boat Ride

United Nations
Friday nite aka Fantastic Friday we went to Soca Monarch & that was pure MADNESS.  Soca Monarch is where all the best soca artists basically compete for song of the year and $$$.  Its held in the National Stadium and ten trillion, bazillion soca lovers are in attendance. I was in heaven although it seemed like there was gonna be a mini riot for a hot second.

It was crazy & had a few scary moments, but was well worth it

After Soca Monarch we did a quick change of clothes in the car & headed to Caesar’s Army Ambush J’ouvert around 4am. This is an alternative to Monday morning jouvert which leaves you kinda tired on the road Carnival Monday.  We got dropped off on a creepy road in the middle of nowhere and for a second thought, “We might don’t make it!”  But some kind strangers guided us in the right directions and became our buddies on the road.  Ambush some top notch, outta this world fun. A road march of free flowing booze, plenty paint to get you extra DUTTY, Water Truck Wet Fete at sunrise, and then a light breakfast to send you on your way. 

Congo man & oooman

On the way home from Caesar’s Army we came across the kiddy carnival.  Oh how I love to see the kids in their costume.  As tired as we were, I had to stop and enjoy it for a few...  Yeah we were covered in paint & looking a HOT AZZ MESS.

I spent Saturday afternoon in bed, in & out of a coma & trying to catch up on some school reading while Raquel hit up another fete.  Party Animal, No Sleep At All! I clearly was no ready to drink and fete 24/7. Sunday morning was the Shades breakfast fete.  I was recharged & ready to party!!!  Upscale party held at a beautiful estate, we were there about 6am - noon.  YIKES!!!   Open bar and then breakfast followed by lunch.  It was most DEF a dayym good time.   

Shades Breakfast Fete

Breakfast Fete that turned into a lunch fete

Sunday nite was spent at a big party that Raquel's family throws every year. Low key fun before the Big Show - Carnival Monday
Now Monday on the road… that was some funny ish!!!  I had a phone with me, but I didn’t have any Trinidad contacts and they didn’t have my #.  Dumb right???  So Raquel and I are in different bands and we kinda rotated between each other’s bands.  When we get to her band Tribe aka the Trini Tornado she and I get swirled in 2 different directions and completely lose sight of each other.  The guy that we drove with downtown just happened to tell me as we parked, “If you get lost, ask for directions to The Oval.”  Thank God, amen, halleluiah!!! Otherwise I would have been completely SCREWED!  I didn’t have a credit card on me & only like $60 USD.  I ask someone for directions to The Oval and wouldn’t you know the MOFO sent me in the wrong direction.  After a while I’m like, “None of this ish looks familiar, lemme ask someone else.”  The next person tells me to turn around and head in another direction. It’s now like 8pm, the bands finished doing their thing like an hour ago.  After a while I come across a building with armed guards in front, must have been an embassy or something.  The guard tells me I am about 2 miles from the oval and I should take a taxi, but the taxis only go in certain directions so I will need to take a taxi to this street then walk to that street, then turn at this street and yada yada yada.  PANIC PANIC!!!  So he then assigns another guard to get me a taxi & walk me to my location.  Jokingly the guard says to me, “I normally charge $10 for bodyguard services.” I gave him every dollar I had & told him he saved my life, he tried to refuse but I made him take it.  Rocky and I hugged & laughed our asses off when we linked up.  She told the cops to put an APB out on me, but they didn’t know what that even was.  

Tuesday on the road I was a breeze!!!  She stayed with her band, I stayed with mine.  Mid-day we met up at her mom’s job for a rest and now I know my way around Port of Spain like an old pro :-D

She had already given her headpiece away to one of the kids (great tradition that I shall follow)

9am carnival Tuesday & I was FRIED off the Puncheon!!! Needed to water to help get it together

Pulse 8

My ATL homies that were with Tribe
Made new friends on the road

Crossing the stage
The days after carnival I spent relaxing & recooping at the Hilton, wishing I didnt have to fly back to cold ATL. Even got a lil teleworking in.

I emailed my boss this pic from the Hilton & asked him if I could telework from Trinidad

The mountain views from the Hilton were amazing

Ode to Camo

I dunno if I will ever master the camo nail design.  It’s my favorite (because I am addicted to all things camo) but it’s the hardest design for me to complete successfully. If at 1st you dont succeed...

The tools of the trade, my handy dandy $0.99 brush and various camo colors of your choice
Basically I just paint a bunch of squiggly lines in each color, making sure they dont connect
Last I added my black,  I filled in areas that were too dark w/ the bright green

Ta-Da!!!   Its ok to leave a few blank spaces exposing the natural nail.