Jamaica flag nails


I've written so many papers at school that I think I officially HATE writing, BUT I promised someone I would do a quick “How To” on my Jamaica Flag nails.  They thought I was lying when I said it takes me a “hot second” to do them.  I promise, if it takes you more than 30 minutes… u are putting way too much effort into perfecting them.  So save that $25 at the nail salon and buy me a gallon of Jamaican rum instead!!!

Everything u need *DONT FORGET THE BASE COAT*

Quick bow ties w/ black polish. Dont worry bout perfect lines cause you are gonna paint over the edges

Fill in with green. You could sit there & try to paint perfect lines or you could go over imperfect lines with a q-tip & polish remover...  but why bother?  Just paint over it!!!
Cover up those raggedy lines with yellow polish and *BAM* 
Alternative Method
Start with yellow X's
Next fill in the green
Add black last

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