Cheetah Girl nails

I was lookn at some pix of my last trip to LA and my Auntie Chris inspired my Cheetah Girl or Leopard nails, which ever you prefer.  As usual, the design is 10x easier than it looks.
(1) Base Coat (2) Color of your choice (3) Random dots in another color (4) Remember that $0.99 brush I got at the beauty supply store????  Use the brush to make C’s around your dots in black or the color of your choice (5) Top Coat

Jamaica flag nails


I've written so many papers at school that I think I officially HATE writing, BUT I promised someone I would do a quick “How To” on my Jamaica Flag nails.  They thought I was lying when I said it takes me a “hot second” to do them.  I promise, if it takes you more than 30 minutes… u are putting way too much effort into perfecting them.  So save that $25 at the nail salon and buy me a gallon of Jamaican rum instead!!!

Everything u need *DONT FORGET THE BASE COAT*

Quick bow ties w/ black polish. Dont worry bout perfect lines cause you are gonna paint over the edges

Fill in with green. You could sit there & try to paint perfect lines or you could go over imperfect lines with a q-tip & polish remover...  but why bother?  Just paint over it!!!
Cover up those raggedy lines with yellow polish and *BAM* 
Alternative Method
Start with yellow X's
Next fill in the green
Add black last