3rd Annual Sexy Santa Crawl

I wasnt able to attend the 19th Annual Atlanta Santa Pub Crawl :-( honestly my only half a$$ excuse is that I spent the afternoon at the bar of Lenox Grill watching the Army vs Navy football game, while I set my daughter & niece free in the mall to handle my Christmas shopping. Followed by a long juicy nap, then a jam packed evening of birthday partys, late nite Soca Fete's and ending with a sleepless nite of Waffle House indulgence.  

BUT I did have my 3rd Annual Sexy Santa Crawl with my chicas and it ROCKED as usual.  Any excuse to dress up & get crazy... we are game!!!  You really should join us next year, it is far too much fun to not share with the world!!!  I made a video montage of the awesome evening, hope you enjoy!!!

I feel its only fitting to end with this statement

Adventures of Panama Soundwave

When I was younger, I aspired to be a writer for Saturday Night Live. That never happened, but I do feel like Im living in a Saturday Night Live skit all the time.  Some ppl have told me that I should have a reality show, being funny and being funny on demand are two different things...  I cant be funny on demand.  If you were to put me on a reality show, it would just be me & the camera staring at each other and probably a lil drool coming outta my mouth.  I do captuure alot of my insane moments via my blog, youtube page or just random Facebook posts.  My brother Paco decided that he would draft some scripts based on these insane moments which he dubbed "The Adventures of Panama Soundwave"  Panama Soundwave being one of my many alias'z, cant just be throwing ur government name around everywhere

Love Pink Nails

These nails were inspired by my love of the Victoria's Secret LOVE PINK collection

2 coats of pink.  Wrote the letters with my handy handy $0.99 nail art brush

Filled in the letters with my sparkly silver to give it the BLING BLING effect lol

Same for the other hand except the letters are a lil wobbly
After I finished I realized that when I look at my hand I see LOVE PINK, but when my hand is facing the other way it says PINK LOVE!  hahahahaha "Que Sera Sera"
The Waikiki Victoria Secret may just have the best Love Pink collection of any of the VS stores I've been in. 
I've said it before and I shall say it again... Victoria Secret has the best marketing dept ever, I'm addicted!

Yellow Camo Nails

Oddly enough my nails were inspired by a Camaro *panic panic*  but Im still a die hard Mustang lover!!!  I was browsing thru Apex Motorsports, Inc. pictures from the SEMA Show and saw pix of the West Coast Customs ~ Operation Mend Camaro (recently auctioned for $333K).  The entire car isnt yellow camo, but being that yellow is my favorite color, thats the part I fell in love with. 


I went ham with the camo on the left hand
Here is my blog on how to Paint Camo Nails, just switch up the colors http://www.angelapanama.com/2011/05/ode-to-camo.html

I hope my Mustang isn't jealous XOXO

Aloha from Hawaii


I tagged along with my friend Dudley who went there for a work conference/retreat.  He was in chill mode so I did alot of swimming, shopping and drinking!!!  Would love to go back & do some more touristy stuff.  I didn’t wanna venture too far out by myself and end up missing like the tourist in Aruba.

We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort, a beautiful & humongous complex that was in the perfect location. The beach was right in front of us, Ala Moana Shopping center to the left (an endless shopping adventure) and Kalakaua Ave to the right. Kalakaua Ave can best be described as much more fun version of Rodeo Drive.
I’m a die hard Atlanta Falcons fan so we searched long and hard for a place to watch the football game at 8am (1pm Eastern Time).  Ended up missing the Falcons vs. Panthers game, but my girl Rocky gave me a play by play of the awesome win.  It was funny sitting in a sports bar at 8am drinkin a Mai Tai with my pancakes.  
We went to an evening luau and it was just as cool as it looks on TV.  Complete with fire dancers, they even had adorable Polynesian girls handing out the leis. As much as I love flowers, I was in flower heaven in Hawaii. *CLICK the video & take a peak of the fire dancers*

It's 5 o'clock somewhere = My moto
Diamond Head Mountain - volcanic tuff cone
Dudley joined me for the day & we climbed Diamond Head Mountain, he literally had to drag me up the mountain, I thought I was going to die. When I finally made it to the top, it was worth the pain because the view is amazing.

While Dudley was maxin & relaxin, I took a shuttle to the Waikele Premium Outlets & did what I do best… shopped & goofed off! I was having way too much fun with the kids working in the Skateboard shop & came pretty close to missing the shuttle for the airport.

Rasta Nails aka Ethiopia flag

Nail designs are sooooo easy!  You just need to have the artistic vision to see the designs one layer at a time and not try to jump to the final product.  The designs aren't perfect but if anyone is THAT close to my nail they probably deserve to be shanked which if you know me YOU KNOW I am quick to shank a mofo!!!

Remember to start with a clear base coat.  As with any design I do, Q-tips and polish remover are my friend.  Paint at an angle to the best of your ability and clean the rest of it up with a Q-tip & polish remover  Or if you prefer no angle just draw straight lines. 

Same thing with 2nd color
Add final color, top coat, then clean up the cuticles and around ur nail

Miami Carnival 2011

Miami Carnival aka The Caribbean Reunion!!!  This was by far the best US carnival week ever, nonstop partyn all day & all nite from Thursday - Monday.  I had to abandon my chicas & ride out solo a couple times, but hey... no sleep till Brooklyn!!!  It was so good seeing all homies from across the globe & cant wait to see them on D road again soon!

If you were crazy enough to miss it, here are a couple videos to help you get your life together for next year.

Had to support my team while on D road

You KNOW u had a good time when ur body says NO MAS!!!

Luv luv luv D kids!

Quick timeout b4 I ended up like homie passed out in the grass


Gotcha Jermaine!!!

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