Falcons vs. Saints

My daughter asked me “What’s so important about the Falcons vs Saints game? It’s no different than any other team we play”  Oh my sweet sweet child, how do I answer this question?  The Saints are like that family member that you love to hate, the one that you flush the toilet when they are in the shower.  The best way for me to relate this to her is Army vs Navy.  My brother graduated from USMA @ West Point & when we were there everywhere you looked you saw GO ARMY BEAY NAVY. On the milk cartons, on the ketchup, in the halls, on the floor, shirts, key chains, EVERYWHERE!!!  365 days a year GO ARMY BEAY NAVY!!! 
Because of Hurricane Katrina I have a ton of friends from & in New Orleans that I would have never met otherwise.  So secretly I love those Blockhead Saints but still GO FALCONS!!!  I ran into a lot of Saints fans at the pep rally @ city hall, on the marta train, tailgate’n b4 the game & during the game & I just wanna say… You can’t take those mofo’s anywhere, No Behavior!!!  I had an awesome Atlanta Falcons Day regardless *keep hope alive*

The dome was insane in di membrane

Sadness in di air

Atlanta Falcons Day ~ Pep Rally @ City Hall

Flashback to the Falcons vs. Saints game Nov 2009

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